i stayed up until 7:00 in the morning to finish all 13 episodes of season 1 of the wire. i was watching it in bed and reached a point where i was like, "to heck with sleep, i want to find out what happens next!" to see that it was already daylight when i finally went to sleep was sort of sobering, with thoughts of omar little, mcnulty, daniels, kima, freamon, d'angelo, avon barksdale, stringer bell, wee-bay, poot, and bodie still swimming in my head. i woke up 5 hours later to bike down to my parents' place.

i took a survey of the backyard, making note of anything sprouting. for the most part the crocuses are all done. as pretty as they may be, they don't last very long. i sort of regret devoting such a large portion of the garden for the crocuses. come this fall i may dig them all up and relocate them to some less valuable real estate.

i was happy to see some peony shoots. last fall i finally divided up the rhizomes after more than 2 decades of diminishing blooms. i'm hoping they thrive in their new home, a much sunnier location than the perpetual shade that was their previous residency. if i can get a flower or two i'd consider that a success.

there was a carpet of little sprouts which i'm guessing are garlic mustards. any plant that can growing this early in the season at in such abundant numbers has got to be a weed of some sort. i have to remind myself to dig them all up over they get any bigger. my dream is to eradicate garlic mustard completely from the backyard, but i heard the seeds can have a 7 year lifespan.

the growing season begins in the spring and the plants now are so immature that it's almost impossible to imagine what they'll look like by summer. the cyclical nature of seasons can be boring in its repetitiveness, but it can also be comforting, like rewatching a favorite show. having grown up in new england with seasons, i can't picture life without them.

i was helping my mother clean my father's computer room which used to be my bedroom. we found a cache of missing computer cables and cellphone rechargers. in the evening we had some green curry for dinner. afterwards i helped my parents redesign some cafe signs and print them out. it's nice to dabble in illustrator again and mess around with typography.

it was 10 degrees warmer (44°F) than it was last night when i made my way back to cambridge. a dark sky with some grey clouds, harbinger of yet another rainstorm that's supposed to stick around for monday and tuesday. another thing that you can do more easily on a bicycle than riding a motorcycle is opportune trash diving or just basically finding stuff on the streets. i picked up a perfectly good pair of black northface fleece mittens on my way home.

the current television landscape for sunday night is breaking bad on AMC and the pacific on HBO. since i can't afford the service of the home box office, i wait until monday to download the previous night's episode. in the meantime it's time to check up on what walter white is up to (narrowly missed getting axed to death my mexican cartel assassins).