now that i have both my motorcycle and bicycle, i do some mental calculus whenever i go out in order to decide which ride i should take. as a rule though, if it's just a few miles away (boston 3.5 miles) and i'm not in a rush (almost never), i prefer to bicycle. it's easier to park, a lot more maneuverable, and i get my exercise.

today was a jaunt to union square to deposit a work check, then through the hills of the mt.vernon neighborhood in east somerville to home depot. i stopped by the autozone by mcgrath highway to look for some black enamel paint for my motorcycle frame. i bought a container of rust-oleum rust reformer (8 fl.oz. $7).

at home depot i stocked up on seeds for the garden. while in watertown the seed towers had been picked clean (especially the tomatoes), here in somerville they still had everything in stock - although crammed together so tightly and out of the way, like they didn't expect anyone to be buying them. i bought about a dozen packets, a third of which were flowers while all the rest were vegetables and herbs. the new thing i'm trying to grow this summer is some fancy gourds.

before i left, i went to the paint department to see if i could find a better substitute for the rust reformer i bought earlier. i ended up getting a small container of glossy black rust-oleum protective enamel (1/2 pint $4.24). it seems just as good and a few dollars cheaper (i only needed a tiny bit). on my way home i returned the rust reformer back at autozone. i waited longer than usual because the only person at the return desk decided to go outside and chat with his friend for a while even though he saw me.

instead of navigating the 5-spoke-hub of union square, i pedaled up columbus avenue to go around that whole mess. along the way i spotted a blooming pussy tree and took some photos. coming down bow street, a police car and an ambulance had temporarily stopped traffic in order to tend to a person sitting on the sidewalk. this is where a bicycle comes in handy. i easily rode through the congestion, weaving from street to sidewalk to street. couldn't do that on the motorcycle! (not legally anyway.)

finally, a grocery stop at market basket. i picked up some ingredients for a meat sauce pasta for later tonight.

came evening, i made my meat sauce and cooked my pasta. dinner was filling, but pasta always makes me feel bloated and gassy, which i don't really mind since i was alone (let it all out, nobody can hear you scream). tonight's television lineup consisted of human target (FOX), modern family (ABC), and ugly americans (comedy central).

my dream last night wasn't as exciting, but probably because i forgot half of it. in this dream, my sister had to repaint her car, so we drove to the outskirts of town, to some shady place populated by warehouses. we found the car painting guy, but discovered he only works in 3 colors: white, neon green, or neon pink. fortunately my sister's car was white.