the transition from winter to spring is always a chilly time in my house (chillier than usual that is). the temperature is still cold enough that i need to leave the furnace on, but it's just barely below my thermostat preset so the heater doesn't kick in often enough to entirely warm up the house. the place has a clammy feel to it that eventually ends when proper spring arrives and i can open up the windows. that being said, my house wasn't cold today when temperatures outside stayed in the 40's. i kept hearing the heater churning out hot air, keep the rooms nice and toasty.

i took the opportunity to relocate my motorcycle this morning. i was hoping for a space in front of my house but they were all filled up. instead i moved the bike to the side street, and put the cover over it in preparation for the start of the rain later today. i got a ride to belmont in the afternoon. we finished the goat from yesterday, simmered in a stew for a few hours to tenderize the meat.

the weather turned miserable today when cold rain began to fall. this is only a preview of things to come, as upwards of 3" worth of rain will blanket the area later tonight and all of tomorrow. however, it was only misting when i decided to ride home on my bicycle which has been parked in belmont since saturday. i finally got a chance to use that new rear bike light that arrived almost 2 weeks ago. it didn't fall off, so in that respect it passed the test, but it's hard to figure out how bright and visible it is when i'm actually on the bike.

after riding the motorcycle for 2 days, it was a dramatic shift to be back on the bicycle. i don't travel as fast, i get no respect from cars (and pedestrians for that matter), and i can feel my muscles ache as i pedal up those hills. either way though, it was a good feeling. now i have all my bikes at home.

i actually raced back to catch life unexpected on the CW. the drama amongst lux and baz and kate really tugs at my heartstrings! after an hour of okami (i think i'm almost done with the game), i watched castle on ABC.