a cold morning, but more within the norm for a late march new england. the temperature was 20-30° lower than the past few days of unexpected warmth. i went to belmont where nobody was home except the dog.

i forgot to record the odometer yesterday; it now reads 7324 miles. i don't expect to log any record numbers this season. last year, i wanted to break the 10k mile mark with my honda rebel (which i did). my riding goal is to venture out of state for the first time, maybe possibly take some trips to western massachusetts. i need to be cautious riding in early spring because the roads haven't been swept yet and there's still a lot of leftover sand on the streets. making a quick turn on sand is a recipe for a slippery crash, and i'm trying to go through the season without that happening. i checked out the weld work from yesterday: a big glob of melted metal attaching the rear signal light bracket to the bike frame. i need to get some paint and cover up the area to prevent future rusting. finally, i ordered online a replacement handle lever bracket ($20) and a spare oil filter with changing tool ($15).

i'm impatient for things to happen in the backyard. i set down a whole bunch of bulbs and perennials last fall. naturally the crocuses are out, but i'm still waiting for the hostas, the ferns, the relocated peonies, and some flowering onions.

with nobody at home, i took the opportunity to vacuum the house. i get the same sort of satisfaction vacuuming that i do mowing the lawn. i think if i didn't do it, nobody else would. it's primarily the dog hairs. even though hailey isn't the kind of dog that sheds, she still has a lot of fur and that can accumulate over time. it helps that my parents have a powerful eureka vacuum, the kind that has a carpet attachment that brushes the rug as it vacuums.

for dinner, my sister made a spice-rubbed goat dish. i was looking forward to it until i had my first bite. nothing wrong with the spices, but the meat was practically raw. my sister prefers rae, while i like medium-well done. eating a piece was like chewing gum. i made a big stink about it, and also called her a hoarder, and the evening ended in some bad blood.

i've been waiting for the new season (3) of breaking bad ever since last spring's finale. tonight's premiere introduced 2 new bad guys in the mold of anton chigurh, a seemingly unstoppable killing force on its way across mexico and into the US to kill walter white. walter thinks his life can't get any worse but it's about to get crazy. crazy good that is!

late into the evening, i watched the house of representatives pass the health care bill. so what now? doesn't the senate still need to pass it in order to make this into law? i'm kind of rusty on my congressional law passing procedures. and once the health bill does become law, how will it affect me? will i see my health insurance premiums reduce immediately?