i went down to cambridgeport to visit client P this morning. the project that we've been working on since last summer has essentially gone pear shape. i can't entirely say it was a surprise since it was supposed to be due in february and now it's almost april.

afterwards i made my way into boston via the charles river bike path. with the warmer weather, there were definitely more people out and about, especially the closer i got to the city: joggers, bikers, walkers, strollers, sunbathers, the works. i went to the chinatown c-mart (formerly super 88) on washington street to pick up a few things (stocking up on instant noodles and snacks).

next i paid a visit to the chinatown cafe on harrison avenue to get some lunch takeout. i got my usual (spicy pork chops with rice) along with a box of roasted pork and some beef tripe. with everything packed into the back of my milk crate, i pedaled back to cambridge the same route i came in on.

i stopped by the cafe to drop off some stuff before finally making it home by 2:00. normally i eat about half and save the rest for dinner, but i was so hungry i practically finished all the spicy pork chops with rice. i did save the roasted pork for later though (not that i had any room left in my stomach).

in the early evening i watched one of my neighbors (the one who lives in the 6-unit condo who never shoveled out his parking spot during the few snowstorms this season) dump a trunk load of junk on the sidewalk (literally, from his mini cooper onto the street). i almost wanted to pick up one of the turntables but it wouldn't do me any good since i don't own any records (not even sure they still work). also in the pile were 2 computer monitors. you actually have to pay money for the city to recycle them due to the mercury content. i may have to call the city and report my neighbor if nobody picks up the monitors. yeah, i'm that guy.