this morning i went down to the cafe to take my uncle back to the customs and immigration office at logan airport. i thought my 2nd aunt would come along to keep her husband company, but it was her day off and she'd rather be at home watching television. so off we went, my uncle and i. i never really spent much time with him before, so our idle chitchat was punctuated by long periods of silence during the bus and train ride.

i called the deferred immigration office beforehand just to be sure somebody would be there when we arrived (didn't want a repeat of what happened tuesday night). a man took my uncle's passport and supporting documents and spent the next 15 minutes looking through the files, checking the records on the computer, and making phone calls.

after the agent was done, he stamped the passport and took my uncle's fingerprint (just the index finger, for the green card). the agent told me what probably happened in chicago was the immigration was a separate office, and my uncle was maybe told to go there but didn't (it's not everyday you immigrate to a new country, so he wasn't familiar with all the steps involved).

the ride to and from the airport was quicker this time though, but the whole trip still took us 2 and a half hours. it was close to 1:30 when i returned to the cafe. my mother gave me some frozen chinese dumplings and i rode back home.

after some cereal for lunch, i went to rite aid to collect easter chocolates then market basket for some groceries. when i left it started to drizzle a little bit.

my rear bike light from dealextreme finally arrived today, delivered by my old mailman whom i haven't seen for weeks (i was afraid something bad happened to him). i got the 9-LED bike safety strobe light ($3.67). it's about the size of an egg. 9 red LED's with magnifying dots per light on the clear plastic cover (to make the lights appear even brighter). it's definitely bright, with 7 different strobing patterns (random, butterfly, cascade, etc.). i think it may be water-resistant but not waterproof. there's a gasket ring but seems to be made of hard plastic instead of a more insulative rubber. the light clips into the accompanying bike bracket pretty solidly, but the bracket itself seems a bit flimsy. i can't wait to test it this weekend with some night riding.

i had some of those chinese dumplings for dinner, while watching community then later the prestige.