true to his word, i bumped into john this morning around 6:30 when i woke up to use the bathroom. he said he'd be up early to work. i promptly went back to bed and didn't wake up until my usual time of 10:00. by then john had already gone to the nearest dunkin' donuts to grab some coffee and breakfast and finished an overseas conference call.

the census bureau finally called me today with my test score. "your score was 825," the guy told me over the phone. "825?" i repeated, a bit confused as to the actual numbers. "no, a 25," he clarified, meaning 25 out of 28. i only needed a 10 to pass. "you scored pretty high, so there's a good chance we'll call you if a position is available," he added. i don't mean to be smug, but i actually thought i scored a perfect 28. i probably got the 2 supervisory skill related questions wrong, and also one of the word problems dealing with a census form (parsing the difference between "visited but not completed" and "visited but no one home").

the other big news this morning: nomar re-signing with boston for a single day contract so he can retire as a red sox. in my wildest baseball fantasy dreams nomar would be back on the team and today it happened. unlike players like johnny damon (who left boston for other teams willing to offer him more money), nomar was traded, he had no say in his departure. he was the face of the red sox and losing him was a psychic blow, only alleviated by the fact that we actually won the world series that year. i watched a bit of his 10:30 press conference. now people can dig out their old number 5 nomar t-shirts again and wear them with pride.

john continued working in the kitchen before leaving for his presentation in watertown at 2:00. i figured he'd be back in an hour but his meeting lasted more than 4 hours and he didn't get back until after 7:00.

after packing up his stuff, he left around 8:00, to drive the 4 hour trip back down to brooklyn.