the last day of february. is it just me, but i can never remember exactly the number of days for this month. 27? 28? 29th? i do think it's an injustice that february has to have the fewest days. it's like the remainder month, the one that drew the shortest straw. in my mind though, the end of february means the start of spring, even though official that doesn't begin until 3 more weeks.

cursing my upstairs neighbor again (apparently they love to move furniture around on the weekends), i tore out of bed and made angry oatmeal for breakfast. i then got the bike out from the basement and went to belmont.

i watched the US-canada olympic hockey game. i was rooting for american naturally, but was happy for canada when they won. i don't exactly care for hockey one way or another, but it's like the religion up north and i think the country would've been crushed if they didn't win.

after dinner i watched the conclusion ceremony of the winter olympics. it was pretty brilliant for them to play up on technical difficulty of the opening ceremony. they owned it, so now it seems like it was all planned from the start, to have the crisscrossing flaming torches malfunction like that, leaving wayne gretzy with a look that should be on t-shirts and posters.

i left during the russian performances. when i got home i was watching william shatner. that guy's canadian? followed by catherine o'hara. i knew she was canadian. then marty mclfy came out. what happened next confused me. i heard bob costa's voice talk about avril lavigne performing next (yay?) but then that new jerry seinfeld show started. despite the star-studded commercials, that looks like a terrible show and i refuse to watch. so that was it? the end of the olympics? no conclusion statement? no good byes? not even the promise of avril? the olympics did come back an hour later, but by then i'd already checked out.

hedley - "cha ching"