i've always prided myself on the accuracy of my internal alarm clock so i was surprised this morning when i discovered i'd overslept. in hindsight it shouldn't have been that surprising, since i went to bed very late last night (4:30 late; blame it on laptop sudoku).

during a lull in the approach of a second storm, i quickly biked down to the cafe with the brand new toner for the printer. i traveled light, leaving my camera behind, which felt great. without the additional weight, i was even able to do some standing pedaling up hills, which made my trip less strenuous than normal.

the new toner worked without any problems, replacing the previously new toner which i now know is defective. i left with the old toner so i could return it for an exchange. i also took some lunch, a container of chinese oil rice.

there was already a light misty drizzle on my ride back home. that was my main reason for not bringing the camera, because i didn't want my equipment to get soaked. i quickly changed out of my wet clothes when i finally got back.

throughout the rest of the day and into the evening, it rained. awful, angry rain, howling, shaking the house, swaying the trees. i kept looking worriedly outside, waiting for the streets to flood. thankfully it was relatively warm, with temperature in the 40's, which meant a few inches of rain instead of feet of snow. those poor people in new york state!

despite NBC's decision not to carry the bulk of their olympic telecast live, i'm still glued to the timeshifted coverage. i found myself watching women hockey in the late afternoon, then the conclusion of women figure skating in the evening. what drama! i can't remember a more entertaining winter olympic: korean kim yu-na skating a perfect program, canadian joannie rochette winning bronze after the sudden death of her mother last weekend, and the introduction of prospective future gold-winning american talent like mirai nagasu. and then there's the whole smattering of a catfight between downhill skiers julia mancuso and lindsey vonn. i'd like to go on the record and say i'm on team mancuso. vonn thinks she's all that but she ain't! somewhere in my heart i wish the olympic could last all year.

late in the night the rain finally let up. however, the storm isn't over yet. tomorrow we finally get some snow, although intermittent and not expected to leave more than a few inches.