i left for belmont this morning to go visit the building 19 store in norwood with my mother and sister. apparently there was some kind of sale on designer jeans. i was just going thinking i'd find something interesting. discount surplus stores like building 19 seem to thrive during tough economic times. this norwood store was located on the mythical "route 1 auto mile," a place deeply ingrained in the collective psyche of anyone who's ever grown up in the boston area.

we had to wait until my sister came back from her childcare duty in the early afternoon before we could leave. it took about 30 minutes to get there, driving down interstate 95. either from lack of fluids or not having eaten enough, but i was a little carsick and opened the window every so often to get some fresh air.

most of the stuff at building 19 was junk, a lot of off-brand and overstocked merchandise. they did have a lot of oriental rugs (bukharas mostly), but even at the discounted prices they were too rich for my blood. they were selling copies of red-color news soldier for $5 (i bought a copy for my father a while back for $30). they also had leftover tchotchkes from the 2008 DNC in denver. in the pet department, i found some aquarium ornaments that simulated an underwater waterfall using sand.

even though my father had the day off, he spent most of the day running errands at the cafe. he got home shortly after we got back, and brought home some food from the restaurant.

i returned to belmont, where i watched more winter olympics coverage. america won a pair in women freestyle moguls (gold and bronze) and another pair in men short track 1500mm (silver and bronze). apolo ohno only captured the silver because the korean team got greedy in trying to block out ohno but ended up wiping out 2 of their own skaters.

chang loo - "xiao lai ma"