first order of business this morning: finally sending an invoice to client N. now i'm just going to sit back and wait for the check to come in sometime in march. with that out of the way, i went out and ran some errands on this last day before an impending snowstorm arrives tomorrow. i went to the supermarket to pick up a few things (box of clementines, gallon of whole milk, bags of potato chips). i came back home to drop off my groceries before heading out again, this time to the cambridge public library (CPL) to return some books and check out some new ones.

the CPL was recently renovated, but the old building is this beautiful 1888 romanesque structure built by henry van brunt and partners. van brunt is also responsible for a lot of prominent harvard buildings, including memorial hall (1870) and the divinity school (1873). i never really noticed all the little details, but armed with my telephoto and some free time, i snapped a few photos.

finally, i went to the cafe briefly. my mother told me my sister took hailey to the davis square vet today. since sunday hailey's been limping and there was something wrong with one of her hind legs. we felt around and there didn't seem to be anything broken and she didn't look to be in any pain except she wouldn't put any pressure on her hind leg. after some tests, the animal doctor said it was just a sprain and prescribed some canine pain killers. fortunately cost isn't a concern here because for some reason hailey has dog health insurance. it seemed kind of ludicrous at the time, but now appears to be a sound investment.

i put the bicycle away in the basement when i returned home, figuring i wouldn't be riding it for a few days with the arrival of snow.

in the evening i had a craving for chocolates and walked to the rite aid down the street to pick up some favorite dove milk chocolate promises ($3/bag - has the price of chocolate gone up? i used to be able to buy a bag for $2.50). crossing mass ave at the intersection of garfield street, i did something i wasn't really proud of: i forced traffic to a stop. technically i had right-of-way since i was in a crosswalk with a "pedestrian crossing" sign. but i sort of leaned into the street like i was about to cross without looking, causing all the cars to come to a sudden halt. i was so embarrassed i quickly ran across the street.