the hallmark channel decided to change up their late night line-up beginning last night. my bedtime routine of catching some cheers at 1:00 is now over, replaced with 4 episodes of america's funniest home videos reruns featuring the unbearable bob sagat. there's still some cheers to be had but not until 3:00 in the morning. now i have the perfect excuse to do some more reading (the island at the center of the world) and go to bed earlier. none of this would be an issue if only i timeshift with a DVR. but i still watch television the old fashion way, at the mercy of the schedules.

my citizens bank debit card arrived today. i'm still waiting for the pin code. it's a pretty card, with a bucolic image of a tree with some floating clouds (i almost wish there was a little twitter bird or a squirrel). i've been automatically enrolled in their green$ense program, which allows me to earn 10¢ every time i buy something using my debit card when i go paperless. the thing is other than online transactions, i normally prefer paying with cash. businesses pay a fee for every credit card transaction, so they earn the full amount when i forgo the card and go with cash. i have some doubts about citizens bank bank though. when i was in new york city this past weekend, i couldn't find a single citizens branch office or ATM. they're more of a new england bank. but since i don't see myself doing any traveling anytime soon, it's not a big deal. at least i'm almost free from clutches of bank of america. once i get my pin number in the mail, i'm closing out my old account. i'll try out citizens for a while, see how i like them.

worked a few more hours for client N, increased the size of some target areas in the interactive for seeing-impaired users. i'll be heading into their office tomorrow afternoon for a review, hopefully we won't find any bugs, and then i can invoice them and finally get paid.

finally saw an education, wanted to know what all the fuss was about. a nice little film but i don't think it'll win the best picture nor best actress oscars. maybe it's a british thing, but i can't imagine any parents would let their 16-year-old daughter "go out" with some 30+ year old man, no matter how charming he is. everybody knows the best actress is going to be a toss-up between sandra bullock and meryl streep (my money's on julia child), and the best picture category is so muddled it's hard to make sense out of the 10 nominees, but i'm hoping it's the hurt locker but i'm really afraid it'll go to avatar.