5 lbs. of pork butts make for a lot of pulled pork. today was the clean up. i spooned last night's creation from the crock pot into 2 32 oz. plastic containers. as for the bowl of fat and meat juices, i poured all that into another quart-sized carton and tossed it in the trash - toxic waste. the fat had thickened into a half inch opaque layer floating on top of the juices which had set into a gooey meat jello.

while drying a comforter cover that i'd washed for my 2nd aunt (who was returning from taiwan with her husband later tonight after a nearly 3 month hiatus), i took a short ride to market basket to pick up some more onion rolls (for the pulled pork) and a jar of pickle slices. i got a jar of mt.olive "bread & butter chips" because i saw there was no sugar added. what i didn't realize was it still had nutrasweet (i try to avoid the stuff if i can, i don't like the unnatural aftertaste of artificial sugars).

once the cover was done drying, i left for the cafe to drop it off. i also gave my parents half of the pulled pork.

back at home, i did a quick bug fix for client S before doing some descriptive audio work for client N (have another office visit with them scheduled for thursday).

in the late afternoon, my latest dealextreme purchase arrived in the mail. that was pretty quick, considering they just notified me of the shipment (from hong kong) last thursday. in the padded manila envelope was a computer security cable and a mini wide angle lens. the lens will be used on the wireless security webcam at the cafe to give it a more extensive view. originally designed for cellphone cameras (which also use a tiny lens), it can also be converted into a macro lens by unscrewing the wide angle attachment.1

1 my father dropped by later in the evening to pick up the lens. he tried it on the webcam, it works, but one problem: there's some serious vignetting around the corners. fortunately nothing ever happens in the corners. 0.67x is wide, but even better would be a 0.28x fish eye lens which i've seen for sale online (although costing twice as much). i think for now this will do.