as long as i didn't have to walk, i was okay. my feet are pretty much destroyed from all the miles i traveled over the weekend in new york. there are also random spots of pain all over my body from the bowling. riding the bicycle was no problem however; i just didn't have any energy so i barely managed to slowly pedaled my way to my parents' place in belmont. at 23°F the temperature was only an issue if you didn't have a hat and gloves. i warmed up anyway from the biking that by the time i arrived i couldn't wait to strip off as many layers as possible. my mother and sister left the house for a few hours for the burlington mall.

football season is essentially over, with just the formality of a super bowl scheduled for next sunday. with the patriots not playing, it looks like a good night to check out the puppy bowl instead. i imagine most of new england will be rooting against the colts. there was a basketball game in the afternoon between the lakers and the celtics. lakers have remained hot since winning the finals last season, while the celtics have been struggling recently, even losing a string of home games. i watched it intermittently with the expectation that boston would eventually win once they overcame los angeles' early lead. however, the ending upset me so much i changed the channel immediately when kobe scored the final point for a laker steal.

my sister made most of dinner again, this time preparing a slow-cooked pork entree with rice. it felt very indian but without all the sauce. i was the first to finish and even had seconds.

about to ride back home, i had some problems opening the bike lock. i was afraid to turn the plastic key any harder for fear of snapping off the tip1. maybe something had frozen on the inside. i was ready to pour some hot water into the keyhole but my father suggested a blow dryer on an extension cord instead. that didn't do anything other than to produce a burning smell. finally the solution was to spray some WD40 into the mechanism. the problem has less to do with icing and more to do with rust.

1 that's probably the number one problem with onguard brand bike locks: cheap plastic keys. maybe that's why they give you a set of 5 when you buy one of their locks. not much help that'll do you when you snap off the key inside though.