i kept close to home today, in the possibility that i would need to do some bug fixes at a moment's notice. client N was testing the interactive and got in touch with me regarding one noteworthy bug in particular: the videos have a tendency to remain blank on repeated viewings. later they called me back again with a more detailed description of the problem and a consistent way to make it bug out. i was out at the time, getting some trash bags and kleenex, but as soon as i came back i fixed the bug in less than 30 minutes and uploaded a new version.

in my spare time i've been logging a lot of hours at no more heroes. currently i'm ranked the number 6 assassin (the goal is to be number 1). the swordfights (using lightsabers) are pretty exciting, but most of the game involves running around the city trying to make enough money to enter the next tournament. i still haven't gotten used to riding the motorcycle; i get about by running most of the time (with intermittent pauses when i tire out). i've managed to beat all the other ranking assassins on my first try with the exception of the annoying destroyman (number 7) which took an entire day (last night and this afternoon).

ever since i've discovered a few weeks ago that the hallmark channel was rerunning episodes of cheers late at night, i've been on a total cheers kick. there's a total of 270 episodes (spanning 11 seasons between 1982-1993) so there's plenty to go around, but i'm surprised how many of them i still remember. i love the retro intro to cheers, from the shimmering logo, to the custom theme song, to the use of antique illustrations.

i try to get to bed by 1:00, which is when the first episode begins. from there hallmark plays 5 more episodes until 4:00, but i'm usually asleep by the 2nd or 3rd episode, which is a shame, because i just want to watch them all (if only i had a DVR). recently they aired one of my favorite episodes, the one where rebecca's sister (played by a young marcia cross) pays them a visit. sam schemes to pit the sisters against one another and to be the sole beneficiary as they vie for his affection, but the episode ends in a staged crime of passion when rebecca "shoots" her sister dead.