with my hand warmer securely tucked away inside of my jacket pocket, i first went to the library to return some books. next i paid a visit to the cambridge traffic office to get a visitor's parking permit for my grand uncle. "is his birthday tomorrow?" the clerk asked me, "january 8th, 1927?" i honestly didn't know; i just remember the birthdays of my immediate family members. returning home i stopped by a walgreens to pick up some shampoo and cough drops.

i went to the cafe to drop off the visitor's permit and to do some more work on the wireless webcam. i managed to access the admin page of the router, but i still wasn't able to successfully forward the correct port for remote viewing of the webcam. my father was making some scallion pancakes and i had a few slices before i returned home with a bag of frozen chinese dumplings.

i washed the bike before putting it away in the basement.

i did a bit of work today on an interactive, adding some audio descriptions for visually impaired users. the trick is to isolate the audio to either the left or right channel: interactive sounds will come from the left, while the audio descriptions will only be heard on the right.

i don't know why they're called hand warmers when you don't really carry them in your hands to keep warm. this time around it stayed hot for about 4 hours before finally giving out.

i got another misdelivered letter from my neighbor john tyson today. once again he wrote me a note to let me know how it was sent to his house first. maybe we can make it into a game. the next time i get a piece of his mail, i'm going to make sure he knows to give me my proper credit by putting it inside of a lovely frame and writing him a note explaining how much i sacrificed to bring this letter back to its rightful owner (traveling as far as two cambridge city blocks on foot no less). not because it's the neighborly thing to do, but because i'm awesome and humble.

guess what i had for dinner? reuben sandwiches! by now the corn beef is suspect at best, but i haven't been sick yet, and there's just one more serving to go. essentially i'm playing culinary russian roulette. i haven't said pryvet to the runs yet, so i've been safe so far.