my mother told me that she saw my roommate's friend today at the cafe and he told her that he was leaving tomorrow. i asked my roommate to corroborate this story and discreetly inquired when was going herself. "i'll be leaving with my friend tomorrow," she said. the only problem was she didn't know when they'd be going, since he's not very responsible either and apparently doesn't like to plan ahead. if she does leave tomorrow, she'll actually be leaving ahead of schedule by one day. as a common courtesy, she could've told me instead of having me to ask her about it. i kind of don't care at this point, i'm just excited to have the place to myself again.

i had another interaction with my roommate in the afternoon when she left the house, dressed in her usual full-length white puffy jacket and her high-heeled rubber boots. "do you know if there's a BOA in porter square?" she asked. "a BOA? i don't know what that is," i replied. almost rolling her eyes, she said, "bank of america." i told her how to get there, but she was almost already out the door. "thank you," she said ingenuously in english, then closed the door behind her. she was carrying a plastic bag in her hand. i watched as she walked down the street, then threw it away in the dumpster of a nearby restaurant.

i woke up early this morning, just didn't feel like sleeping anymore. i got dressed and went outside to shovel the snow in the backyard, in case i wanted to take the bike out. a quiet monday, i spent some time trying to learn some actionscripting 3.0. it's been a new year's resolution of mine for a while now, but i think 2010 may be the year i finally pick it up, now more out of necessity than curiosity.

later in the evening my roommate told me she talked with her friend, and that they decided to leave around noontime. a friend of a friend would be driving them down to manhattan. she then politely asked if i wanted to use the bathroom because she was going to take a shower. she's kind of weird like that. she does some things without any regards to manners, but other things with the utmost civility.

i finally ordered a replacement metal hand warmer. only a few companies make them these days. zippo has one but the cheapest i've found was $30+. there's another brand with a double penguin logo which is cheaper ($20 including shipping, which is the one i got). both models use a platinum catalyst, which seems safer than the braided wick of my old hand warmer. i can't wait to get my portable heat on!

it's official: i unplugged my christmas lights today. i still haven't taken them off yet, but the holidays are definitely over.