once it stopped raining sometime before noon, i gathered up my things and biked down to belmont. the temperature was surprisingly warm, reaching the 50's. only my sister was home, my mother was out returning some stuff at the department store, my father working at the cafe. i had an hour to kill before the football game so i went into the garage to remove the battery from the motorcycle. i would've also covered up the bike, but do to all the moisture in the air, the bike was covered in condensation. i'll wait until a drier day before doing that then.

when my mother came back home in the mid-afternoon, i got into a fight with my sister. i don't even remember what we were fighting about, but she had a really condescending attitude towards my mother and i had enough. i threw her blackberry onto the couch and she ran out to go shopping with a friend (with money she doesn't have).

after dinner i got into another fight with my sister. she bought a $300 coat with my mother's credit card (my mother's enabling mistake, my sister almost never pays back borrowed money) which didn't fit and needed to be returned. my sister was taking her time (never ask her to do anything, because it won't get done) and i said i'd take care of it myself if she wasn't going to do it soon, but she got all angry because she doesn't like to be told what to do (or being criticized). i was still mad from the afternoon, and her irresponsible attitude just set me off again. once again, she left the house, this time taking the dog with her.

around 8:00 i made my way back to cambridge. in my milk crate was a large box with a coat inside, waiting to be returned tomorrow morning. most of the snow from last weekend had melted, which made for better biking. in my never ending quest to be better seen at nights, i've been thinking about getting a helmet light. i locked the bicycle outside my house, since i'd need it tomorrow.

as for football, the patriots soundly beat the jacksonville jaguars, it wasn't even a contest. the question was was it going to a shutout or not? jacksonville ended up getting a touchdown, their only points of the entire game. i also didn't realize the new orleans saints lost to the cowboys last weekend. after their total domination of the patriots, i couldn't imagine any team beating them. so i was doubly surprised when they lost again today to the buccaneers. elsewhere, the only undefeated team left standing was the colts in a game against the jets. the coach decided to sit out peyton manning in the second half, and the jets came back to win it. that leaves the new england patriots the only team ever to have a perfect 16-0 regular season. of course one could argue that doesn't mean anything, because that same year, 2007, they'd end up losing the superbowl so their final record for the entire season was 18-1. but still, imagine if the colts do end up winning the superbowl this year. they'll be playing "what if" for the rest of their lives, to be the only team ever to go 19-0 (the colts could've easily won today's game had the coach put peyton manning back out onto the field instead of an inexperienced backup quarterback). but that's all hypothetical anyway, since the NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS WILL ONCE AGAIN WIN THE SUPERBOWL THIS YEAR!