despite the fact that i woke up relatively late, my roommate was still at home this morning. i went through my daily routine (pulling up the blinds, feeding the fish, taking my pills) before biking to the supermarket. a rainstorm was approaching and i wanted to get some barbecued chicken pizza ingredient before that happened. i already felt a few raindrops when i got there and by the time i left it'd started to drizzle.

my roommate finally left for work around noontime. i had some more leftover turkey for lunch along with the rest of my persimmons. i'd been checking amazon.com all day, looking for the latest information on my roommate's camera shipment. both the telephoto lens and memory card shipped out, but the most important thing - the camera itself - was still pending and probably won't ship until tomorrow, which means it might not arrive this week (so no new camera for his NYC trip).

it rained for the rest of the day, the sort of gloominess that made me turn on the living room lamps in the middle of the afternoon. despite the murkiness, it was actually kind of warm (relatively speaking), with temperature in the 50's. with my options limited by the wet weather outside, i spent the day on the couch with my face glued to the laptop screen.

my roommate came home around 7:00, just when i was making barbecued chicken pizza. i went with a premade crust this time around. the pizza was ready just in time for the start of the patriots-saints monday night football game.

what can i say? it wasn't even close. the new orleans saints is the real deal. it's one thing to get beat in a close game, when your team could've won had they made a better play or two. but the saints demolished the patriots, and in such effortless and overwhelming style too. they seemed to catch every reception and stop every advance. their perfect record is entirely well deserved (unlike the undefeated colts, who through shear luck haven't lost already, but will lose at least once within the next few weeks). i haven't seen new england so ineffective against an opponent in a long time. can the patriots even win one on the road? (london game doesn't count). i still have no doubt the patriots will get into the post-season, but i think this game against new orleans has really rattled their confidence and should they meet again, i don't think the patriots can beat them in a rematch.