every once in a while i have a grand architectural dream. the one i had last night, i was wandering this imaginary library with an unending series of reading rooms of different styles. at times it seemed like a gothic church, other times it was more like a mall with long escalators.

the roommate was gone this morning. he came back in the afternoon, only to leave soon afterwards to get his black friday shopping on. i had turkey leftover for lunch and dinner. i did a bit of online shopping of my own, buying a removable garmin gps mount and a bicycle tire gauge on amazon.

the day after thanksgiving is not a day for productivity. besides some online shopping, i spent the rest of the day tuned in to the band of brothers marathon on FX. that series is like catnip for me, i can't resist watching it whenever it's on. it kept my mind off of my inconsiderate upstairs neighbors, who had noisy house guests stomping non-stop throughout the day.

it would've been a nice day to work on the bicycle if it wasn't so rainy. i'm going to replace the front tire as well as the chain. the rain continued throughout the day, snowing in parts of massachusetts (but just not in the boston area).

when my roommate finally came back in the evening (he walked to central square then took the subway to boston and then later the galleria mall) he decided he wanted to order his camera tonight. i talked him into getting a canon rebel T1i with the EF-S 18-55mm IS kit lens, the EF-S 55-250mm IS telephoto, and a kingston 8gb SDHC memory card. the whole package cost almost $1000. we ordered it through my amazon account, but using his chinese visa credit card. i don't know if it's going to work, because the billing address is still my address and not someplace somewhere china park. can't wait to play with it if it does arrive!

later in the evening my roommate asked if i'd be willing to host another astrophysicist. apparently one of his chinese coworker is coming to boston 3 days before jiang returns to nanjing. he wasn't sure how long he'd be in town, but he guessed maybe a month or two. i'm a little hesitant hosting so soon (i usually like a few months to decompress) but with little progress on the work front, being a temporary roommate-landlord seems just about the only way i can make some money in this harsh economic time.