this morning (10:00) i went to chinatown with my father to pick up some supplies. we went to the c-mart that was formerly super 88. with thanksgiving just around the corner, the place was so crowded that we parked illegally across the street. i waited in the car while my father went inside. there were intermittent periods of intense parking lot congestion, but things seemed relatively calm.

once i returned home, i bicycled down to market basket to pick up some mussels. i figured this would be ground zero for the kind of packed food shopping mayhem, but once again, things were relatively calm, and i even saw a few open parking spots. when i went to go lock the bike that's when i realized the security cable was missing. it must've sprung out of my milk crate, either moments ago, or the last time i went riding. on my way back home i retraced my steps but couldn't find anything.

i passed by the cafe on my way to belmont, stopping inside for some beef noodle soup for lunch. i thought the weather today was supposed to be clear but a pervasive mist saturated the landscape. in belmont i wanted to do some more cleaning but instead i set up the wii on the HDTV and played some metroid.

later in the afternoon i rode to wheelworks in waverley square in search of a replacement security cable. the ones i saw online were $10; i figured if the difference was only a few dollars, i'd just buy one locally, just for my peace of mind (locking the bike without the addition of a security cable makes me feel vulnerable). the ride was rough, covered in rain and a series of long hills. up to the reservoir, and then up again to cushing square (never knew cushing square is actually a hilltop). the road down trapelo was mercifully downhill but i was jostling for lane position with cars while at the same time trying to avoid potholes which i had a hard time seeing through rain-covered glasses. everything at the bike store was more expensive, but since i came all this way, i ended up paying $13 for an akita 5044 security cable (10mm x 4ft), the same one that i lost. learning from my mistake, i strapped the chain down to my milk crate so it won't bounce out and escape again.

the ride back was just as tough, but with everything in reverse. that nice downhill glide on trapelo road was now a tedious uphill climb. once i made it to cushing square i was safe and coasted much of the way back to my parents' place, being careful not to hit anything in this wet road condition.

i didn't leave belmont until it got dark (sometime after 5:00). by then i replaced the dead laptop battery on my sister's ibook (actually my old ibook, circa 2001, seriously needs to be replaced) and tried to fix the stuck space bar (can't be fixed, either replace the keyboard which is like $100 or save the money and buy a new macbook). i think i waited this long just so i could have an excuse to use my tire lights. if riding during the day was bad, it was much worse at night: wet, poor seeing (through rain-coated glasses), and dark. i stopped a few times, to tie my shoelace, and to inspect the LED lights, which despite my recent battery replacement, still managed to wink out. i think they're cool in concept but disappointing in practice. i think wrapping my bike in reflective tape would give me better night-time visibility.

my roommate didn't get home until around 7:00. i had a simple ham sandwich for dinner, saving my stomach for the feasting tomorrow night.