i woke up with that raw feeling in my throat. oh no, i caught something as i began coughing to clear that scratchy sensation. for some reason i started going through the 5 stages of grief. this can't be happening. who did this to me! i promise i'll turn up the heat from now on. why is this happening? at least it doesn't feel like the flu.

i was annoyed to find my roommate still at home. he was in his room working on his computer. i went to the bathroom and took a shower. i then went to my bedroom to gather a few past interactives to show company C in watertown later in the afternoon. sometime around 11:30 my roommate finally went out but left the light on in his room. he didn't bring his laptop, which made me think he didn't go to work but was once again wandering the streets of cambridge and somerville.

for lunch i made some scrambled eggs with cilantro chutney, bacon bits, and old blue cheese. it was tasty, but the combination did a number on my stomach and i paid the price through several bathroom visits. it was during one of those private times that my roommate came back home around 2:30. back so soon? does this guy even work?

i got dressed and left the house around 3:30. it felt good to be back on the motorcycle, especially after being humbled so many times riding the bicycle the past week. i went to rite aid to get some cough drops before heading towards watertown. company C's office was on a road i've passed by a million times but never knew they were just nearby. although they didn't have any work for me, they wanted to keep me in mind since they were expecting to get busy. it was a productive meeting and i left feeling hopeful.

until my 2nd aunt returns from taiwan next month, both my parents have to work nights. i made a quick stop at the cafe before returning home. my roommate came out and told me what he did today, which was wandering the streets of harvard square. he's been searching for an electric shaver since he forgot his in china (what, can't use a disposable razor?). i thought about for a minute and then told him he could them at the somerville target, either a short bus ride way or a 30 minute walk.

i had some potato threads for dinner that i got from the cafe. my roommate left to get some groceries (the past 2 nights he'd just been eating ramen). he came back with a shopping bag in one hand and a case of beer in the other. i heard this horrible scraping sound in the kitchen. turns out there's somebody out there who's worse at cutting than me. he was slicing slabs of beef but it was more like trying to saw the cutting board in half (he was also using a bread knife). all my kitchen equipment have pretty much been ruined by past chinese astrophysicists, so i was that concerned. he was making some kind of soup that smelled strongly of cumin. it actually smelled pretty good and i was hoping he'd offer me some of the only thing he did offer was a bottle of beer which i declined.

later in the evening i went outside and put the rain cover back on the motorcycle. it's supposed to rain in the early evening. then it's 60+ degrees! in november! thank you global warming claus!

i went down to the basement and measured the chain on my bicycle. 24 links is supposed to equal a foot but my chain is about half an inch longer than that, which means it needs replacing. besides the replacement chain, that means i also need to buy a chain tool. so i was doing a lot of research today, debating whether to buy a dedicated chain tool, or go with a more expensive multi-tool that had a chain breaker as well as a bunch of other tools. are there any cyclists out there with recommendations?