i slept under a fleece throw beneath my usual down comforter; that extra layer of insulation was all i needed to stay toasty warm in bed. it was so comfortable as a matter of fact that i overslept my usual wake-up time, just didn't want to get out of bed. it was another cold day in the house, but the temperature seemed to have stabilized at around mid-50's range. a rainstorm passed through the area last night and the big news this morning was the accumulation of some snow in the outer suburbs. snow in october? unusual, but it's happened before, doesn't surprise me all that much.

continuing with my winterization efforts, i went down to the basement and stapled back some ceiling insulation with strips of drywall mesh tape. my father gave me the idea (i originally wanted to use industrial strength duct tape). in hindsight, it's the kind of work that i should've worn gloves and goggles and a face mask as i managed to get dust, fiberglass, and cobwebs all over my hands and face. there wasn't too much to fix but i felt the house to be warmer afterwards.

i made another craig's list purchase today, bought a thin collapsible baker's rack from a woman in lexington. i drove to her house - which was a big mansion on a private way - and purchased the wire shelf for $20. it'd belonged to her daughter who used it to put her makeup. i however would be using it for my houseplants, which don't really have a place to live other than upside-down empty boxes. the rack was a little smaller that i thought, but still big enough to hold all my plants.

i went to my community garden with two medium-sized porcelain pots to dig up a pair of rosemary plants and keep them alive indoors during the winter. i kind of had a feeling it wasn't a very well-thought-out plan because i quickly realized the two potted rosemaries were too heavy for me to carry both of them home. i ended up only able to bring back one of the pots, hiding the other one in some foliage so i could come back for it tomorrow. i balanced the pot on my head (supported with my hands) and walked home.

heating the house on a room by room basis with just the spaceheater is actually doable. it also helps to wear a lot of clothes. once a room is sufficiently warmed up, it stays that way for a good amount of time. using the oven might also warm up the house. i finally have a good reason to use up that box of brownie mix. i've been checking the weather and looks like middle of next week temperature goes back to normal (60's). looks like i might be able to ride out this cold wave after all! for dinner i had some ramen.