for a change, gerry arrived earlier than cleber. he was with wayne and his son kyle. they never told me where they went yesterday, and i didn't really care, so long as they were working today and shooting to finish by day's end. while gerry and his crew worked on the western side of the house (adding a gutter to the dormer), cleber continued painting on the eastern side. cleber asked if it was okay for him to return tomorrow (sunday) to continue painting, just so he'll be on schedule to finish by tuesday since he has another project lined up.

the weather looked like it'd rain today but never did. that meant i could ride the motorcycle to elias' movie marathon (i'd need it later as well). cutting across central square i saw what looked to be a man lying in the middle of the road, apparently having been struck by a car. he was conscious and angry and swearing at someone. there was already a police cruiser on the scene. after i dropped off my sodas (by then it was just amanda and elias and matt), i walked back to central square to get some wendy's. by then the paramedics were working on the injured man and a large crowd of onlookers stood on both sides of mass ave. the man still hadn't calmed down yet and seemed to be fighting with the people trying to help him.

the theme to this year's movie marathon was patrick swayze, in light of his recent passing. the program guide was a rare unauthorized swayze biography comic book. the first movie was point break (1991), which i'd seen before but could only remember something about surfer bank robbers. best scene in the movie: patrick swayze's bodhi throwing a pitbull at the pursuing keanu reeves (as johnny utah) and keanu kicks the dog like he was making a field goal attempt. the second movie was actually a television show, the first episode of the beast (2009). i knew about the show but it didn't seem that interesting and i never watched it when it was still on the air. but the first episode was pretty good (best scene: firing the RPG) and i may download the rest. that was followed by some random swayze clips, like his saturday night live chippendale skit, or the swayze dancing (1998) documentary featuring his dance teaching mother, his wife/dancing partner lisa, and a host of bright-eyed 1980's teenagers.

i left around that time (4:00), first to check out some of the honkfest that was happening in davis square, and then to return home and check up on gerry. it's hard to enjoy honkfest because it's hard to see the bands once they're surrounded by a wall of people. i may bring one of those collapsible stepping ladders next time to get a better view. i got back home around 5:00, with the contractors just finishing up for the day. they ended up not finishing as promised, but had only the soffit to replace and a few still-missing shingles. i was wearing my "dublin, ireland" t-shirt and made sure gerry could see it. "what's that on your t-shirt?" he asked. turns out he's originally from dublin, and even has a tattoo to show for it. his son kyle asked if he could use my bathroom and was preoccupied for an awfully long time. when told me he had an energy shake for lunch and was now paying the price. after they left, i went around taking some photos of the house. that's when i saw how lopsided the newly pitched gutter on the front porch was. i'm no gutter expert but it looks wrong. unfortunately gerry won't be coming back until monday morning. if he can re-adjust the gutter one more time, we'll be golden.

after a shower i returned to elias' place to continue with the marathon. i was gone right during dirty dancing. hoping to catch at least the end of the movie, by the time i made it back it was already over. the next film was a choice between red dawn (1984) and steel dawn (1987). i picked steel dawn because i'd only seen it once before. elias was playing the trailers to help people decide and i sort of regret picking steel dawn, which eventually won the vote. it's one of those movies that's bad enough to be good, but i kind of wanted to see red dawn for the cold war nostalgia and some cooler scenes.

pizza arrived during steel dawn and we paused long enough for everybody to get a few slices. 8:00 came the screening of road house (1989), that classic swayze film of delicious badness. we watched not only the theatrical version - which includes all the boobs and guts and foul language not found in the usual television broadcast version - but also in super HD blueray clarity. road house never looked better! the last movie was at 10:00, another choice between donnie darko (2001) and 11:14 (2003). i actually hate donnie darko and can't understand how anyone can like that movie, much less even understand the convoluted plot. i'd never seen 11:14, which won the vote. it turned out to be one of the best movies of the marathon, a perfect blend of great story, humor, and gross outs. it reminded me of go (1999), about the intertwining lives of social outcasts.

after the movies, i talked with matt about his upcoming laser eye surgery, and chatted a long time with elias' sister chloe and her friends about the raising and killing of farm animals in vermont (she killed a lamb earlier today). her chicken raising experiences were particularly insightful if i ever want to raise my own hens.

the temperature was in the 40's by the time i returned home. i left with yvonne and would've given her a ride back to boston had i had my spare helmet with me (hopefully she caught the last train leaving alewife). it was cold but not too bad because i had the windshield. the only disadvantage is it's slightly hard to see through it at nights. on the highway it's not a problem, but non-reflective pedestrians crossing the street haphazardly are potentially dangerous obstacles.