"i was just about to call you to come over for some beef noodle soup," my mother told me when i dropped by the cafe in the early afternoon after getting another sample can of cabot stain (slate grey, i'm feeling you). the chinese construction guys working on the nearby restaurant showed up as well for lunch, each one taking turns using the bathroom before finding a seat and waiting to be served. i never liked any of them and they definitely didn't win over my affection today. i can't wait until the restaurant renovations are done and i never have to see them again. not even sure if they paid for their food, but my mother made them all noodles. there was some special sauerkraut she added for extra flavor, but all of them scooped it out of their bowl, like they didn't even pretend to eat it. once they finished, they left without cleaning up.

after lunch i went to belmont briefly to see the chipmunk hole in the garage before returning home and tried out the new stain. i definitely like it more than federal blue and foothill, both of which were too light. slate grey has the perfect combination of blue and grey, and just the right saturation level to not be too light nor too dark. at this point i'd be happy to see the house in this color. now i just need to get my neighbor steve's approval or entertain his color choice. once that's done, we still need to decide on the trim color.

in the late afternoon i did a water change on both fish tanks. sometimes i take the buckets of dirty water and pour it into the backyard as fertilizer.

i had some microwaveable chef boyardee pasta for dinner, followed by a banana, some garam marsala popcorn, and a few slices of blue cheese. after seeing the encore of flashforward, i saw the season premiere of dollhouse. wasn't quite paying attention, will probably need to download the episode and rewatch it again. later i took a hot bath.