surprisingly, my roommate was still at home when i woke up this morning. i think seeing me made him realize he was late for work and he left soon afterwards while i was still in the bathroom.

the claim adjustor for the insurance company of the man who ran me off the road this past weekend showed up early this afternoon. he was kind of a weird guy, didn't say much, just told me he was with the insurance company, and we went outside to take a look at the motorcycle. he basically studied it from every angle, writing down notes and taking a bunch of photos with a digital camera. just my luck that my neighbor ed decided to see what all the commotion was about, adding his own bits of wisdom when it wasn't necessary. "ed, i think somebody just showed up at your yard sale," i told him in order to get him to leave. i apologized to the adjustor who gave me a weak smile but said nothing. when he was done, he told me the insurance company would get back to me in about a week to let me know what they decide.

afterwards i went over to ed's place to chat, mostly to talk about my motorcycle since i don't have anybody else to do that with. "oh, you're looking at $900 worth of repairs," he told me, shaking his head. the bike itself is probably only worth just $1000 at this point. later we talked about his yard sale, which has been a tremendous success. "oh, the lookers," he said, and i wasn't sure what he meant. "oh these girls, absolutely beautiful, from california, from israel."

in the late afternoon i went with my parents to baifu, that asian wholesale market in south boston. now that the students are back in town, driving across city took even longer than before. i took it as an opportunity to do some sightseeing from the back of the car armed with my telephoto camera.

client N never did send me any feedback today, so i'm assuming the interactives were good enough for their delivery. lounging on the couch, i feel asleep around 6:00. my roommate came home early for a change, about 7:00, which quickly woke me up. he said he came home earlier today because he was really hungry.