while trying to score an avapro refill at CVS this morning, i was told my HBP wasn't covered by my new health insurance. out of pocket, a 30 day supply would cost $80. in order to get my insurance to foot a part of the bill, i'd need something called a prior authorization, which is a statement from my doctor saying that we've tried all the generic alternatives, and this is the only drug that will work. basically, i'd have to jump through a bunch of bureaucratic hoops before i can get my avapro. at least the woman i talked to on the phone was very patient and kind. she faxed the necessary paper work to my doctor, hopefully he'll know what to do.

it's the first time i've been on my motorcycle since my accident last wednesday. although i don't need my thumb to ride, the vibrations from the handlebar felt weird. i found myself involuntarily holding my thumb in an awkward manner in order not to touch anything with it, which made my hand ache afterwards.

i went to the cafe where i documented some ongoing demolition work at the old lucky garden. it feels weird watching other people work; usually i'm the one doing a share of the manual labor. afterwards i went with my father to a supply run at costco. afterwards i went to the post office to mail off a few packages (returned some makeup for my mother, sent an tao his missing state quarters along with some cool US stamps).

in the late afternoon my father called to ask if i could go buy a shower base for him as part of a shower kit. he went to the watertown home depot to get the parts but ended up purchasing the wrong base and was in the process of returning it. a check of the home depot database revealed the proper base only available at the somerville and everett locations. since i didn't want to be driving in rush hour traffic, i asked my mother and sister to drive me there, with the incentive that they can go shopping at some of the nearby stores. so after i got the shower base from HD, we went to a.c. moore and the christmas tree shop. i didn't get anything except a package of ginger snap cookies.

i learned today that having your finger nearly cut off is kind of a rite of passage for many men. the husband of the new LG restaurant owner, he took off the side of a finger with a meat slicer; his doctor managed to reattached it. while changing the front door light bulb, i ran into dennis. he too shaved off a piece of finger; it was with an electric saw so there wasn't anything to save. once my thumb heals up and i'm left with just a scar, i too will have a funny "nearly cut off my finger" story to tell!