was it monday today? i guess the constant rain has dulled my ability to distinguish the days of the week. i woke up sometime after 9:00 after dreaming about hanging out with people smoking weed. jesse was just about to finish getting ready to go visit her friend bonnie for the day in jamaica plain. after she left, i made myself some oatmeal for lunch and took a shower.

i left the house briefly in the afternoon to cash a check at the ATM inside porter exchange. the japanese supermarket kotobukiya is no more, the space reclaimed by lesley university and will become an extension of their bookstore. it's kind of sad to see more and more businesses getting swallowed up by these expanding schools (i'm looking at you harvard and lesley). next i paid a visit to the community garden. it's been 5 days since my last visit. last time there were already some mulberries falling down but now rotten mulberries carpet my garden plot. fortunately i was wearing my rubber boots, smushing mulberries into jam underneath my feet. since it was still rainy, i had my umbrella, which also protected me from the falling mulberries. all this fruity mess will naturally attract pests, who will feast on the berries first before taking it out on my vegetables. in other gardening news: the sunflower seeds i sowed a while back have sprouted. the chinese lantern has also produced it's first white flower. likewise, one of my cucumber has a single yellow flower too.

elsewhere in the community garden:

jesse said something about possibly doing dinner later in the evening so i waited on making any dinner plans. she called around 7:30, said she and bonnie were swinging by to grab some dinner. earlier they'd gone to marshall's and jesse bought a few thank you gifts for me for letting her stay at my place for the past few days: a pink cutting board, a heat resistant spatula, and a new stainless steel frying pan. we decided to go to zoe's, which i was surprised that bonnie had actually ate there before. i ordered the ma po tofu (since both jesse and bonnie are vegetarians), bonnie had the general tso's tofu, and jesse went with stir-fried chinese broccoli stems. jesse ended up treating us to dinner. bonnie let jesse borrow her car for tomorrow and in exchange jesse drove bonnie to the nearest orange line station (sullivan).

in the late evening i had to call the police because of an incessant car alarm blaring on my street for more than an hour. apparently other neighbors had complained as well so the officer hung up on me rather abruptly once he realized i was calling about the same thing. they sent a patrol car around 1:00 to check it out. i was hoping they'd tow the car but they didn't do anything that i could see. it wasn't until almost 2:00 that the owner finally showed up to turn off the alarm (maybe the police contacted him through his license plate registration information). i hope the guy gets a ticket for disturbing the peace. i don't think any neighbors would mind if a rock accident fell through the windshield of that car.