jesse left this morning to hang out with andrea. i only found out about it later, since i woke up at noon (in my defense, i went to bed at 5:00 despite being dead tired after a day trip down to new york and back). after jesse came back home in the afternoon, i left for my parents' place. earlier the weather was cloudy but dry but by the time i left it'd started misting. when i got to belmont the bottom half of my jeans were wet.

my sister called me frantically yesterday to let me know that hailey had been in the garden area, stepping on plants and eating them. i was expecting the worse but when i checked the vegetables they were all fine. what she failed to mention in her usual overdramatic fashion was hailey had only gotten to the mint, which as far as i'm concerned, is a tolerated weed in the garden and anyone - human, dog, whatever - can eat however much mint they want.

i got to use the bubble gun i bought yesterday. first i dumped out the bubble solution that came with it, due to the fact that a warning label on the packaging said, "harmful if swallowed." instead, i poured in some non-toxic bubble solution my sister had on hand. if you've never used a bubble gun before, it's pretty much like a blowdryer, except instead of hot air, bubbles come out instead. i couldn't get it to work at first and i was afraid it was broken since i read these things are notoriously unreliable. but my sister told me to prime it a few times with some short bursts and soon enough, i was shooting bubbles. up until now, hailey had only experienced a few bubbles at a time using the tiny bubble wands. suddenly she was engulfed in hundreds of bubbles and almost didn't know what to do, trying to pop every single one. but we found out later that she prefers the old way better, and that when confronted with too many bubbles, she'll completely ignore them.

my mother didn't want to cook tonight so instead we went out for dinner, with the rationalization being since it was father's day. we went to mulan in east cambridge again. despite the fact that it was originally her idea to eat out, my mother didn't like any of the food tonight. they didn't have her favorite house duck special so instead we substituted with the smoked salted duck, which was a flavorless affair that cost just as much as the house duck.

back in belmont, my father lit one of 3 coleman lanterns he had in storage after rediscovering a can of coleman lantern fuel. another lantern he'd used regular gasoline in the past, and it didn't burn very well. besides the noticeable gasoline odor, the flame also had a tendency to flicker. however, now with specialized lantern fuel, a lit lantern was pretty much odorless and gave a strong constant light. later we looked for lantern parts, thinking that we may need to replace the generator on that one lamp that was burning gasoline since it might be clogged with impurities.

i found out our indian neighbor who had their open house last sunday was already under agreement to sell their place. not surprising, since they totally lowballed on the price and was a steal for the amount of space. some chinese family will be moving in which i'm not really looking forward to. i don't want the neighborhood to be some sort of ethnic enclave.

i came home in the rain, and changed out of my wet clothes as soon as i got back, using the opportunity to take a shower as well. jesse came home later, after hanging out tonight with mark, erin and andrea. jesse went to bed around 11:30, already past her usual bedtime. as for me, i was just getting started.