apparently a lot of rain fell overnight but i slept right through it. when i woke up this morning, it was still overcast with the addition of some slightly uncomfortable humidity. i saw bruce going out for some groceries. he told me he'd been sick all week.

i went down to harvard square to pick up some flowers from the florist. they were for edward when we visit his place in the south end tomorrow before going to watch the pride parade in boston. i ran into another ed, local ed, who was just hanging around outside his house. for some reason he was angry today, peppering his speech with the sort of saucy language that i don't usually hear him use. he was annoyed by neighbors who don't hire him to be their handyman. i left him to simmer.

later in the afternoon i went with my parents to boston for a chinatown supply run. it started to rain when we left ming's market but stopped soon afterwards. coming back, we also went to trader joe's along memorial drive.

back at home, i received the disappointing message that bruce was pulling out of the parade tomorrow due to his illness. since edward is more of their friend, i decided to forgo the south end apartment visit and go directly to the parade instead. the flowers i'll just save for myself.

i had some dan dan noodles for dinner: basically cooked up some wei-chuan dried noodles and then mixed it with this special sichuan sauce packet (which i got today). for some reason i also felt compelled to clean out the fridge a little bit while i was preparing dinner. i ended up disassembling some shelves, washed them in the sink, and then gave the inside of the fridge a scrub down.

tomorrow morning i'm making some more kimchee. my parents bought the biggest head of napa cabbage i've ever worked with, 13" long. i'm not even sure if i have enough jars to fit all the kimchee i'll be making. but my last batch of kimchee was such a hit, my parents insist i make more this time around.

finally, the 3 new canon batteries i ordered this week arrived today. i'm still waiting for my 8gb memory card. and my insurance renewal notice came today. since my accident last year, i was afraid the rate would skyrocket, but i was relieved to see it was still just $259 for the year (i was expecting something like $600-700).