whenever i get the chance, i go back to my parents' place and watch some more freddy's nightmares episodes. they are all thoroughly awful but it's fun seeing the 80's fashion sense and to spot some up-and-coming actors before they became famous. the few that i saw had morris chestnut, tim russ (tuvok!), joyce hyser (from just one of the guys), and even tony dow (wally cleaver!). the budget on the show was so low that several episodes used the same sets.

what's new in the belmont garden is the honeysuckles have finally bloomed. the fragrance gave it away before i even noticed the flowers, which is always the case with them. we really pruned it back last spring, and i was curious how it'd grow back after this past winter. it didn't seem as robust and i was afraid it wouldn't bloom this season but never underestimate honeysuckles and their ability to thrive (they're sort of weedy that way).

when my father came home, he brought back an electric high pressure water cleaner. i thought about renting one when i was oiling the backyard deck last summer, but then decided i didn't need it. he washed off the dirt and moss that'd accumulate on the front steps. in the 25 years they've lived there, they've never washed it before (and who know if the previous owners ever did so as well), so it was shocking to see the steps so clean. i never realized those were actually different colored bricks! i used the spray gun for a little while, reminded me of going to the dentist and getting my teeth cleaned (which then reminded me i have to make an appointment soon). i wondered if it'd take the skin off if i accidently ran my hand underneath the spray (i figured it was an answer best left to the internet). it also smelled like algae (which was probably what had accumulated on the stones) and i ended up blasting bits of moss into my hair. we also managed to remove some of the spray paint marks the cable guys made on the sidewalk when they ran fiber optics into the house a few months ago.

i came home after dinner, let the bike engine cool down (about 20 minutes) before putting on the rain cover again in preparation for a stormy night. dan had been in town all week and finally got in touch with me on the last night before they return to pennsylvania tomorrow. they dropped by in the evening, dan with clarissa, while cymara looked for a parking space. we chatted for a little while and i was surprised when i heard they were leaving for a life in brazil in 2 more weeks (somehow i thought they won't be gone until the end of august). they gave me several rolls of remembrance toilet paper before they left for their hotel (the lennox!) back in boston (long story, but the place where they're staying in PA, the septic tank doesn't like the toilet paper they bought in bulk, so now they're giving the stuff away).

the red sox won their game against the yankees tonight, in a game i wasn't even watching that attentively because i was more focused on the NBA finals. i figured boston would lose once the yankees pulled ahead 3-1 and the rain started to fall. but the red sox came back and won the game 4-3, completely a series sweep and continuing their seasonal sweep of new york, which still haven't won a game against boston in 7 attempts. i don't think boston is really that good this year, but when it comes to the yankees, they've got their number. i then switched over to the NBA finals. at halftime the magic were up by 12 points and looked like they were in a good position to even the series 2-2. but the lakers pulled off a series of clutch pointers and ended up stealing the game from orlando. now with the series at 3-1, all the lakers have to do is to lose the next game so they can win again back in los angeles so they can celebrate another championship at home.