sophia and i went down to davis square to have indian brunch buffet with her former landlady friend andrea. when we arrived at 11:30, diva was still setting up their tables, so we went to the nearby goodwill store to pass the time. if i ever need a glass vase or a whimsical mug, i'll know where to go now. i was hoping to find some glass insulators but didn't see anything. diva buffet was good but a little strange in that i didn't really know andrea that well, or sophia for that matter. even though we had some good chats, it was like dining with 2 strangers, and i prefer to do all-you-can-eat with more familiar people, so i can really pig out without worrying about decorum.

sophia invited andrea over to our place. she stayed for a little while before returning home to ball square to make some cookies for work. while sophia went to go take a nap from the food coma, i went to belmont.

i was hoping to fix up the garden area, but my father wasn't home so that idea fell through. there was some drama in the afternoon involving my sister and some traveling salesmen going door to door selling magazine subscriptions. she was talking with them for 20 minutes on the doorstep and finally decided to buy some magazines. when i found out what she was doing, i went crazy. i told her no legitimate company would knock on people's doors on memorial day of all days trying to get them to buy stuff and if she was going to give them any money then she was the biggest moron in the world. i made sure i was especially loud and angry so the guys would be able to hear me screaming, before she went back and told them we weren't interested in buying any magazines.

for dinner we had more leftover barbecue from yesterday as well as some new barbecue items, like barbecued jumbo shrimps marinated in kimchee (my sister's idea). we were fixed on a game show on the fox reality channel called hole in the wall. hosted by brooke burns, the show is a japanese import involving a moving styrofoam wall with cutouts for the contestants (dressed in shiny body suits) to pass through. if they don't get their body just right, they risk getting pushed into a pool of water (watch some streaming episodes).

back in cambridge, sophia had gone out for the evening so i had the house to myself for a few hours. i took a shower and then settled in to watch game 4 between the lakers and the nuggets. lakers stole game 3 but the nuggets made sure they'd win tonight, despite the relatively close score.