happening this morning: Critical Announcement! Please Read! We are currently working to resolve an issue with email accounts hosted in our Homie cluster. We hope to have this issue resolved as soon as possible. The issue is that the server that handles mail user authentication is down at this time. the server was down for a few hours, but i managed to make do with my backup gmail account (most importantly, responding to client N about availability for an upcoming new project).

i left the house to pick up a few things from market basket before swinging down to the somerville target to buy some pillowcases. i had lunch at the cafe before going with my father to pick up hailey at doggy daycare (my sister sends her there whenever the dog gets especially naughty) before returning home. minutes later my father came by with a delivery of blankets. the thick winter blanket had been used by my previous roommate for 6 months, and had absorbed much of his odor. i ended up sunning the blanket in my backyard, but i may just have to toss it out because the smell just won't go away.

i continued cleaning the house in preparation for my new roommate's arrival later in the evening. i met up with bruce to give him my san francisco guide book. my new roommate arrived around 7:30 with her boss who gave her a ride from her old place. after moving in her stuff, she left to join him again.

i watched game 2 of celtics vs. magic while snacking on some pizza rolls. starting with paul pierce's 3 pointer at the start of the game, the celtics never trailed, and gave orlando a resounding beat down. paul would end up in early foul trouble and sat out much of the game, but everybody else stepped up, especially rondo, will played like a man possessed. a game like this makes me believe there will be an eventual celtics-cavalier rematch.

when sophia came back from dinner, we properly introduced ourselves. we professed our shared love of 80's music and she elaborated on her tumultuous life as a researcher.