still fighting that cough, not sure if i'm getting better or not. took a mucinex tablet last night, woke up not spitting out as much phlegm, so maybe i am on the road to recovery. the weather today was gloomy, overcast and rainy and cold. didn't think it'd rain that much, otherwise i would've put the cover on the motorcycle.

i spent most of the day trying out various teas, trying to find the best one to soothe my coughing. basically drinking anything warm will help i discovered (as opposed to drinking something cold, which i found out actually induces coughing). i tried the goldwily instant ginger tea i got in chinatown yesterday. although not mentioned anywhere on the box, the packets themselves also include honey as one of the ingredients. goldwily is pretty spicy, but nowhere near the kick of the nanjihuang brand instant ginger tea (that's why nanjihuang is also the most expensive of the ginger teas). you can actually choke on the fumes of the nanjihuang tea if you slurp it wrong. i also tried the chai in a tall glass with a tablespoon of honey. it's pretty good but i like my chai the traditional method steeped in milk. the last thing i drank was the chamomile, also with some honey. it's the least exciting but calms the coughing just as well.

another potential astrophysics roommate was going to stop by and check out my place today so i was cleaning all day (in between tea breaks). i know i said i swore off roommates for a while but this one will only be here for 2 weeks, so it'll go by quick. this also gave me the motivation to clean up the house. she came by in the early evening with my father and her boss. i asked her when she had to move out from her current place and she said tomorrow, so basically she didn't have very many options. she looked at another apartment near harvard square but that one wasn't furnished.

ate a lot of processed food today, canned ravioli for lunch, ramen for dinner. hopefully all the tea i drank will dilute the amount of sodium i ingested.