the 5 minutes of riding from the cafe to my house yesterday apparently wasn't enough to fully recharge the battery; when i went out this morning to check up on the motorcycle, it wouldn't start (how's that for an april's fool joke?). there was still enough power to turn on the green ignition light and make some sparking noises, but nothing beyond that. in the afternoon my father brought over his car recharger. i clamped the two alligator clips to the 6 volts dead motorcycle battery and waited for it to come back to life. i had the battery in a plastic container in case it should start discharging sulfuric acid and the whole procedure felt like a movie torture scene, especially when i tapsparkled the two alligator clips together to make sure the electricity was on. after 2 hours i unhooked the battery and put it back in the motorcycle. nothing. i came back inside, figuring the battery needed more charging, or maybe it was just dead. i got $50 ready in case i had to buy a new one online. sometime in the early evening i read the instructions on the battery itself. despite the fact that it's a 6 volts battery, it actually recommended charging at 12 volts (the standard for cars), instead of the 6 volts i was using. i did that (at 2 amps, didn't want to fry the battery) and right away it seemed to be working, the amp meter jumping to 1.5 amps. after about an hour, it dropped down to 1 amp, meaning the battery was building up a charge. 30 minutes later i went back outside to test it on the motorcycle again. there was a slight drizzle and i had to work in the dark with a flashlight in my mouth. i might've scared a neighbor parking her car to see a mysterious person lurking by the side of the street. after i screwed the leads to the battery, i put in the key and managed to start the motorcycle without further problems.

the set of 6 glass insulators i'd won on ebay arrived today along with the mail. a simple box on my doorstep, i was surprised by how heavy it was. i opened up the box to see it was divided into 6 compartments, sort of like what you'd see with a box of wine, except everything was packed in with crumpled newspaper. up to this point i'd already seen glass insulators before, but always on a utility pole many feet up in the air. from that distance, they looked like tiny shot glasses, so imagine my surprise when i had one in my hands for the very first time. these things are big! and heavy! they'd make good paperweights, or a makeshift weapon to brain somebody.

i finished the rest of my thai chicken coconut soup from last night for lunch, then had some beef noodle soup for dinner (delivered by my father when he dropped off the battery charger). i finally got around to doing my taxes. it really is like getting a shot; i'm kind of nervous and think it's going to be painful, but after it's done, i wonder what all the fuss was about. and since i've been doing my own taxes for a while, turbotax deluxe just imports last year's information so i got mine done this year in about 20 minutes, state and federal. i'm getting several thousand dollars back in refunds because i didn't make as much in 2008 and overpaid my quarterly estimated self-employment tax. i can't get too excited because most of that money will go back to the government to pay for my 2009 taxes and what's left over will be used to stain the house.

Up for bids on this page are six insulator that are being relisted in one lot. They are all very nice insulators that somehow were not bided on because of the high volume of insulators being sold on Ebay or possibly the economy. I will list all six of these insulators in order of their individual pics from left to right. It is impossible to provide enough pics to show all the plus and minuses of each insulator with pics because Ebay only 12 pics to be uploaded. Therefore I have given the old auction numbers as well for anyone that needs a better look at each insulator. And I will gaurantee the winner of this auction will be 100% satisfied. If not I will refund both the winning auction amount plus shipping. This gaurantee does not include return shipping, so please be sure you truely want these insulators before bidding. Thank you.

1) Lynchburg CD162 light blue in collor. Logo on top of dome. Sharp drip points. A couple chiped. Aution# 130292174067

2) Brookfield CD162. Unlisted. K of Brookfield and #6 below joined together. Color Dark Aqua with amber swirls. Excellent condition. Crack on inner skirt. Displays mint. Auction# 130291308207

3) Brookfield CD162. Dark Aqua with Tons of Amber Swirls. Looks Green. Has junk and bubbles skatered around. Backwards 10 with glass dote in middle of 1 & 0. I'll take more pics of this one. Can't find old auction number. Will look and post later if found. Otherwise email me please.

4) Brookfield CD152 No 48 on back skirt. Lot of straw lines. Sloppy embossing. Great condition. Factory defective threads. Auction# 130290504578

5) Star CD145. Very nice light blue. Dark and light junk. Extreemly off center threads. Biggest Star I've ever seen. Excellent condition. Auction # 140301808476

6) Lynchburg CD164. Sage Green in color. Sharp drip points. Two small pings. Displays very well. Auction. 130289279827