the good thing about having a blood pressure monitor is every time i take a reading, it makes me want to do something healthy afterwards, be it going out for a run, knocking around some free weights, or more often than not, trying to eat healthy. noticed how i said "healthy" and not "healthier." my diet is okay, but i can always work in more fruits and vegetables and cut down on fats and salts. sugar on the other hand i have no qualms about. i called MGH this afternoon and scheduled an appointment to go see my doctor in less than 3 weeks to talk about switching out my HBP medication. my blood pressure is definitely high, a fact finally corroborated by my at-home readings. i've been on my medication for more than a decade now and there's still been no dramatic change, so i think it's finally time to try something else. the older i get, the more i worry about stroking out.

i made some oatmeal for lunch AKA porridge if you want to get fancy. i've always just had instant oatmeal, the kind that comes in little packets that i pour into a bowl and add milk and then heat in the microwave. but i figured it's probably cheaper making it from those big cartons (my mother gave me some) and with less preservatives and maybe even taste better. basically just half a cup of oatmeal into a small pot with a cup of water. once it became sufficiently thickened, i added a cup of milk (went to the supermarket to buy some) and two teaspoons of brown sugar. i'm going to experiment with my recipe, maybe add some raisins, a dollop of maple syrup.

i finally submitted my last invoice to client N. i'm very bad about invoicing, even though that's a necessary step before i get paid. not sure when i'll actually receive this money when i still haven't received everything from my first invoice, but at least now i can just sit back and wait.

at long last i got around to seeing milk today. i can't say if sean penn deserved the oscar more than mickey rourke, but milk was definitely more uplifting than the wrestler (although the the wrestler does have marisa tomei as a stripper).

did anybody else see late night with jimmy fallon last night? his first show felt awkward and fallon occasionally laughs at his own jokes before even getting a chance to tell them, which is the thing i hated most about him when he was on saturday night live. lick it for $10? why is that funny? probably the only funny bit was slow jammin' to the news, and that was just the band, not fallon. he was also sweating from his shiny forehead. although it's not really fair to judge him based on the first show. i remember conan o'brien's first show, i didn't think much of him either. at least fallon is semi-famous, while hardly anyone knew who conan was (cool name not withstanding). but i must confess, i'm not a fallon fan so i'm personally hoping he'll fail, just so NBC will realize what a mistake it was to offer conan the tonight show job. that way carson daly can become the new host of late night!