since i share a birthday with both abraham lincoln and charles darwin, i've always felt that someone my life would be destined for greatness like theirs. after 35 years, i'm either a late bloomer or i'm starting to lose hope. ruler of my own country? cure a disease? become rich and famous? not really. i suppose those born on this date can't all be darwins or lincolns. if that was true, then parents would conceive their children so they'd be born on this day. regardless, the bar is set pretty high.

it didn't take long for me to stop running. although it was warm enough today, there was a wind advisory, which gave me enough of an excuse to forgo running, at least for today. however, i did walk down to porter square to cash a check, so you could technically classify that as exercise.

the wii fit arrived in the early evening. it's a lot heavier than i thought (about 10 lbs.) which makes it feel stable and durable. on the bottom was a "not legal for trade" warning sticker. what's that about? i ran the initial setup where it asked me for my age and height, and based on my weight, calculated out my body mass index. i'm normal but a hair shy of overweight. when it finally told me my "wii fit age" it said i was 42! so much for tact. i headed straight for the balance games, my favorite is the one where you head soccer balls (while avoiding shoes and panda heads). i did some aerobic activities, the running in place and the hula hoop. i LOVE the hula hoop. i'm a natural hula master. i then did one of the yoga poses, the tree. i could barely stand on one leg with all that residual pain from the past 2 days of running. when it gave me the overview, my center of gravity was everywhere, like a crazy person's scribble.

later in the evening my father came to pick me up and we went to the KFC down beacon-hampshire street to get order some fried chicken. we went back to belmont where i had dinner with my family, followed by a surprise mango-flavored birthday cake.

back at home, i tried my hands with some more wii fit action. i took the fitness test again and this time around it gave me a wii fit age of 33. that's more like it! that's like music to an old man's ears.