the bout of warmish weather (40's) seemed to have brought out the neighbors. as part of my unofficial neighborhood watch, i like to keep an eye out on the local pedestrian traffic. most folks seemed to be making runs to the supermarket, with a few were heading to the laundromat. the condo that had the open house on thursday had another one today. the sellers seem desperate to sell; i even received an e-mail from the realtor with details about the property because i'd once left some contact info when i paid a visit. it's a strange property: not cheap enough to be a bargain, and those who can afford the place can just as easily buy a nice house in the suburb.

i'm close to finishing god of war. the game is infuriating though. it's not so much a smash-and-grab monster killing kind of game, as it is more of a series of puzzles punctuated by the occasional skirmishes. i wouldn't even call them "puzzles," they're more like challenges that test my dexterity with the controller and my patience. some of them are downright hard, i'm not even sure if a little kid could figure them out (although the game is more geared towards adults with it's graphic violence and occasional boobage). i rather play a game where i just go around collecting weapons and treasures and fighting monsters. that's why diablo is my all-time favorite.

i pulled the frozen half of a rotisserie chicken from the freezer, the one my godmother gave me when i had thanksgiving dinner at her place back in november. i threw it into a pot of water along with some rice wine, white ground pepper, and some ginger root and made a broth out of it. the house had the comforting smell of chicken soup. i mixed in some rice noodle for dinner before packaging the rest of the soup into containers and putting them into the freezer for storage.