i spent the whole day waiting for my nintendo wii to come back all fixed from the factory.

for lunch i made another bacon egg english muffin sandwich. i wonder what the nutritional value of something like that is? i'm kind of concerned i'm not working in enough vegetables into my diet. and eating bacon everyday, that's a recipe for disaster, right? i only do it because i bought so much and don't know what to do with it. at least now i have a system where i separate out the strips and freeze them. and i cook them with the foreman grille, which gets rid a lot of excess fat (although you can argue that pretty much all of the bacon is excess fat).

tired of staring at the dirty minibow aquarium, i finally got around to cleaning it. it wasn't at a critical stage where i had to dismantle everything and put it back together again. i did have to remove the filter and give it a thorough scrub down in the sink. i scraped the algae off the glass with a sponge, rubbed off the algae from the java fern leaves, and then finally siphoned out 2 gallons of dirty fish tank water, replacing it with some fresh water. i did a fish count: 2 neon tetras, 2 glowlight tetras, and 1 cherry barb. the remarkable thing was when i removed the coil of elodea plants, one of them had grown to something like 7+ feet long. i didn't think they were doing too well but apparently that's not the case (elodea is actually considered an invasive aquatic weed in some places). i trimmed the elodea to 6 inch snippets and replanted them in the minibow as well as the guppy tank.

UPS didn't get around to delivering my wii until early evening. i was hoping nintendo might throw me a freebie (game disc, stickers, etc.) but all i got back was the console box. apparently it wasn't an easy fix and they ended up replacing the whole circuit board, losing all my data in the process. i lost a few mii's (although i did have some saved in one of the remote) and some game data but it wasn't a big deal. a small sacrifice for having a working wii again.

my doorbell rang sometime before 8pm. normally i'd ignore it, but who could be ringing my doorbell this late at night other than a neighbor with an emergency? so i opened the door without checking (big mistake) and immediately realized what i just got myself into. i kind of hid behind the door as my greeted the two mormons standing on my doorstep. actually, i only greeted one of them, the other one didn't say anything nor offer a handshake. before he could even finish speaking, i blurted out, "i'm not interested," and motioned the door like i was going to close it. "can we at least leave a card?" he asked me. "sure," i said, taking a postcard with a photo of a cookie cut white family (mother, father, sister, brother) and some latter day saints contact info on the back. "do you know any neighbors who might be interested?" he asked me. like i'd betray my neighbors. "no, sorry, no," i muttered, closing the door and going back to watching my pirated movie.

i love clam dip. for some reason i couldn't find any for a while, maybe a shortage in the clam supply. but when i saw a container of clam dip at the supermarket last week, i had to get it. i ate half yesterday with some doritos and an hour later i was confined to the bathroom. my diarrhea was so explosive i couldn't feel my legs. you'd think i'd learn my lesson, but you'd be wrong. could let good clam dip go to waste, even if it's bad clam dip. so i ate the rest of it earlier tonight, and sure enough, an hour later i'm on the toilet again. afterwards it was the perfect opportunity to soak in the bath tub with the latest issue of EW.

i had ramen for dinner while watching battlestar galactica.