i woke up early this morning for my doctor's appointment. i got all dressed and was ready to go out the door when i had the foresight to double check the appointment reminder notice. "february 4, 2009." that's odd. how could that be? what day is it today? it took me a few minutes to finally figure out my appointment wasn't for today. i felt kind of silly but better to be a few days early rather than a few days late. since i was already dressed, there was no point in going back to sleep. i started my day, even though i didn't have anything to do.

i watched some morning program on television, the shows i normally don't watch because i'm still asleep. regis and kelly had teri hatcher while ellen degeneres had heidi klum and justin long on her show. heidi was flirting with ellen, asking her if it'd be okay if she kissed her on the mouth. the audience laughed while ellen had this dumbfounded look on her face and said she might have some trouble at home with the wife. justin long (the guy who plays the mac in those apple commercials) gave a great interview, he's one of the few guys who are genuinely funny that i love seeing on these talk show circuits, telling some great stories. another person like that is david duchovny.

after that i logged in some grand theft auto time. i've only played for a few days but already when i go to sleep at nights i can see myself running around los santos, driving my stolen cars, performing criminal errands. speaking of errands, it wasn't even noontime and i was already out running some errands. the weather today was unusually warm (approaching 50 degrees) but many sidewalks still had dangerous icy patches. nevertheless, it would've been a great day to start running again, but i chickened out once again. the forecast calls for additional snow starting tomorrow morning. i went to the dollar store to pick up some shampoo and snacks (VO5 full-body shampoo/conditioner $1/each).

after a lunch of my new turkey goat cheese omelette (kitchen mishap, i accidently dropped an egg on the floor), i played some more GTA before going out again to run some more errands. this time i went to the UPS store on somerville avenue to return the crestron control box. coming back, i went to the rite aid across the street and picked up some ferrero rocher chocolates on sale.

not sure what's going on but my mailman has been delivering the mail pretty late these past few weeks. i wonder if he's changed his route? normally the mail arrives in the early afternoon, but now it shows up in the late afternoon, when the sky is starting to get dark. it's not a big deal, but since i work from home, i have an established routine, so i immediately notice an changes to the usual pattern. anyway, my folding massachusetts map arrived (useful during the summer months), as well as a box of new checks (with the girly flower patterns). the surprise package was something from tamron, a free t-shirt i'd somehow won in a random drawing (i'd rather win one of their camera lenses though).

when it got dark i retreated to my bedroom, where it's much warmer. since my roommate moved out, i haven't turned on the heat higher than 60 degrees. when i do need to get warm, i'll crank on the space heater in my bedroom, or go take a hot bath. i stayed in the bedroom for the early part of the evening, eating some macaroni with cheese for dinner while watching the big bang theory and how i met your mother. later i learned about the history of the polio vaccine on american experience. finally, i went back out into the living room to play some more GTA before going to bed.