had an informative chat with mandy today. since we last talked, she moved out of new york, bought a condo, got married, and had a baby. 2008 was a tumultuous year for her.

i went ahead and bought online a new macbook pro battery ($84 + free shipping) after my computer ran out of power on me again after being fully charged and unplugged for less than 10 minutes. i used a utility to check the battery's health and out of the original capacity of 5500 mAh, i was down to 129 mAh. technically this is apple's fault and i would've qualified for a free battery replacement except my computer is already 27 months ago, beyond the 2 year warranty. this machine is my life but i've had a bunch of problems with it, from fuzzy pixels, dust behind the LCD screen, and a faulty disc drive that won't read dual-layer DVD's (although it burns them fine).

in the late afternoon i went with my mother to the supermarket. i was surprised to find they were selling chunks of goat at $3.99/lbs. (still more expensive than the $2.50/lbs. i got mine, but cheaper than the usual price of $5/lbs.). by the time we were done it was already starting to get dark. while she unpacked back at the cafe, i took the other car and drove back to belmont to let hailey out into the backyard and feed her some dinner.

i returned to the cafe, where my family was having dinner there because my father had to work tonight. the main course was a homemade noodle soup with a broth of goat i bought at a haymarket butcher shop last friday. my mother added a lot of sauerkraut which masked much of the flavor of the meat but i could still taste it. i had such a large serving that i had to take a break in the middle of my meal just so i could finish it all. my aunt dropped by after work to bring my father a heat pad for his busted back.

my parents decided to close up shop early (it was chinese new year after all) and my father drove me back home while my mother returned to belmont.