so: 2009! having the new year fall on a thursday is weird because it sort of orphans friday. do people go to work for a single day before the weekend or take it off for the 4 day weekend sweep? i've already made my decision and i'm definitely not getting my work on tomorrow. i'm just going to stay at home and work on my bacon. health concerns be damned, cured pork belly strips is just too delicious!

i knew it was cold outside so i didn't go anywhere today. instead i stayed indoors and did some cleaning, vacuumed the floors and dusted the guest bedroom. usually i respect my roommate's privacy, but the door was open and there was 3 months worth of dust underneath the bed that needed cleaning. i also cleaned the bathroom. despite the fact that my roommate is no longer pissing on the floor, i still know it's happening because i can smell it. on hands and knees i scrubbed the area around the toilet. my roommate is a very interesting person and great to talk to, but he's not an easy person to live with. the good news is he's moving out in exactly 3 more weeks, so i just have to endure a little bit longer.

new year's day means twilight zone marathon. i didn't plan on watching it (i've seen most episodes anyway) but caught a few nevertheless because it was on all day. there was also a monk marathon on USA and a bones marathon on TNT. i made some maca-rotini with cheese plus vegetables for dinner. i now consider this my fallback food, only one step above ramen.

tell no one

i watched the french thriller tell no one last night. though it came out in 2006 (and won a bunch of awards in its home country), it's only now being widely played in the US. i've been reading a bunch of reviews saying how great this film was and wanted to see it for myself. the main actor françois cluzet resembles a gallic dustin hoffman. he plays alex beck, whose wife's murder 8 years ago is being reinvestigated when 2 new bodies are uncovered at the old murder site in the woods. that's also when he starts getting cryptic messages making him believe that his wife is actually still alive. the movie is pretty complex in its plot twists but all reasonably credible. it was entertaining, but it wasn't slumlord millionaire. for some reason kristin scott thomas is in this film too, as the wife of alex's sister. i knew she was british but didn't realize she's lived in france for most of her adult life. that got me totally on a kristin scott thomas kick now, i'm searching for one of her first movies, the 1986 "classic" under the cherry moon with prince.