sleeping on clean sheets induced me to have some weird dreams. from what little i remember, i was driving a car on a road crowded with gorillas. i was a little bit freaked out until i realized they were just wet bears, which made it somehow okay and less dangerous.

it's unsettling that so much snow can fall so silently. by the time i woke up, the landscape was already coated in white, with a continuing steady downfall mixed with very strong winds. my upstairs neighbor came home and shoveled the sidewalk before i had a chance to get to it. i went out in the next shift, doing one better by clearing a path into the backyard to the basement. because it was so cold the snow was light and fluffy, the kind of stuff you could easily brush away with a broom instead of using a shovel.

i spent some time trying to photograph snowflakes. besides being so tiny, they're also delicate and have to be captured "out in the field" otherwise they'll melt. snowflakes, since they're ice crystals, are also transparent. they have to photographed at a certain angle with the right light otherwise they can become invisible.

snowflakes on a windowpane:

snowflakes on a synthetic wool surface (kind of like a felt-covered piece of cardboard):

how unhealthy is bacon, anyway? even if i cook it in the foreman grill and render most of the fat? the thing is i got a whole package of bacon and now i have a surplus in my freezer. if it was up to me, i'd cook the whole thing and just eat bacon for the whole day, but i get the feeling that's probably not a good idea.

the movie for today was sex and lucia (2001). why paz vega isn't in more american movies i'll never know. she's much better than penelope cruz or salma hayek.