i made my way to jamaica plain for the party welcoming west coast jesse back to boston (for this week at least). since she no longer has a place here, the get-together was held at her friends bonnie and dani's house. armed with a printed google map, i found the address. it'd stopped raining and the temperature was surprisingly warm (40+ degrees). even though i was 15 minutes late for the start of the "around 7pm" festivity, i still managed to be the first guest to show up.

i talked to jesse for a little bit before the other guests started to show up and i didn't get a chance to talk to her again until the evening's end. the night evolved into a series of conversations and drinks and crackers and cheese and more conversations and more drinks. andrea mixed a batch of holiday cocktail, a mélange of peppermint schnapps, vanilla vodka, and chocolate liquor. i met carly, who looked familiar, until she asked if i went to tufts as well (yes) and we discovered we both graduated the same year. that surprised bonnie, who also graduated from tufts (a year ahead). carly and i shared another coincidence when i discovered she was the mystery person trying to get me to join a neponset river watershed group on flickr. her sister alissa saw my santa speedo photos and wanted to get some info about the possibility of running it for next year. lucy wanted to take an asian vacation next fall and i gave her some suggestions. i chatted with andrew who recently came back from a 2+ months long trip with his wife to south africa, india, and the fiji islands.

well past midnight, the only folks left were bonnie and dani (it was there house anyway), jesse the guest of honor (who was staying over in JP), erin, andrea, and myself. dani shared with us her recent NYC marathon experience. passing yawns like hot potatoes, we left before 2am with me hitching a ride with erin and andrea back to camberville. since i didn't have dinner yet, i ate a pair of hot dogs when i got home.

earlier today, my roommate once again left in the morning. i assumed he went to his office, although both pairs of his shoes were missing from the foyer. i continued my self-imposed holiday weekend movie watching marathon with wall-e followed by doomsday. in the afternoon i discovered my roommate had been pilfering my toilet paper supply so i had to run out and get a new bundle (i was down to a few squares).