did anyone go to work today on christmas eve? maybe if you had a mean employer. since my boss (me) is pretty lenient with this sort of thing, i got the day off. i spent the early part of the day watching movies from bed. my mother called asking if i wanted to have some chinese dumplings for dinner at their place. when they came to pick me up in the afternoon, i got a ride to star market to pick up some flowers and then to the wine and cheese cask to find some red wine (it's for a christmas dinner tomorrow night).

before i could get to belmont i had to wait at the cafe a few hours for my parents to close up shop early. i spent some time shoveling the newly melted ice from the shared parking lot.

my sister had gone skiing so it was just my parents, the dog, and myself. we bought another bag of mussels, this time from star market. they were on sale, $5 for 2.5 lbs. of PEI mussels. PEI stands for "prince edward island" and supposedly they're the best. farmed out in the canadian wilderness, there were a few grains of sand, but the mussel flesh was so big it practically filled the inside of the shell. because they were so meaty they might've needed some extra time cooking to let the flavors seep inside, so they had more of a raw taste than the smaller mussels we got from market basket. i also learned tonight that the orange mussels are females while the white ones are males.

slumdog millionaire

after dinner we watched slumdog millionaire. all the good buzz surrounding this movie are completely justified. it's absolutely the most heartwarming and endearing movie i've seen in a long time. it's worth seeing a second time.

when i got a ride back to cambridge my father's replacement power adapter was on my doorstep.