dial for men is my favorite new soap. yeah, i don't go for those body wash lotions. the few times i've used them they've always made me feel like i was washing myself with shampoo. for me, nothing beats a bar of soap that i can whittle down to a tiny cake and then later form a frankensoap makes from various other dead soap parts. but if you're a guy, you own it to yourself to try dial for men. it's even ridged, so you know it designed for dudes. the one i get is blue, but there might be other colors and scents. blue has a faint cologne fragrance but nothing overpowering since real men don't wear perfume anyway. here's what the package label says about this soap:

dial for men

the problem: is it possible to get really clean, remove rough skin, and eliminate odor from your mansuit without drying it?

dial's solution: now it's possible. dial for men bar with micro scrubbers effectively cleans without drying or irritating skin while removing old, rough skin (and other stuff you don't need). and its odor neutralizing technology eliminates the sources of odor, delivering all day odor protection.

how it works: it's egineered with the right balance of clean rinsing conditioners, micro-scrubbers, and odor-removing cleansers.

the result: your hair covered, meat powered mansuit will be clean, smooth, and fresh all day.

ingredients: soap (sodium cocoate*, sodium palm kernelate*, sodium palmate*, sodium tallowate*), water (aqua), talc, coconut acid*, palm acid*, tallow acid*, peg-6 methyl ether, fragrance (parfum), glycerin, sorbitol, sodium chloride, triclocarban, pentasodium pentetate, tetrasodium etidronate, titanium dioxide (CI 77891), jojoba esters, iron blue (CI 77510), ultramarine (CI 77007).

* contains one or more of these ingredients

bruce (back in town again) and i got a workout today from shoveling the snow and ice off the streets. we take it upon ourselves to do this since we're the only few neighbors that are home during the daytime. plus, it's fun to destroy icebergs. we cleared the drains and then later dug out a few more parking spots.

back inside, i made myself another egg and bacon bagel sandwich for lunch. two packages came for me today, neither of which i remembered ordering until i saw the content. one was a small hard drive enclosure, the other was a pair of zing lens pouches to replace the one i lost a few weeks ago.

i did a load of laundry in the late afternoon. usually i throw in my dish clothes along for the ride, which turned out to be a big mistake this time. apparently my roommate has been sopping up the greasy stovetop with the dish clothes instead of using paper towels. so it was pretty much like washing my clothes with vegetable oil. i couldn't smell it when they were wet, but after it came out of the dryer, it was like i got my clothes back from a greasy restaurant. 4 more weeks to go!

i took a bath in the early evening, after discovering the latest issues of entertainment weekly and newsweek in the mail. i stayed in the tub until the water became tepid and my body shriveled into a human prune. while watching the celtics game (they beat the record of best NBA start or something) i heated up some frozen beef broth and cooked up some noodles for dinner.

finally, the yankees acquired mark teixeira. within the past few weeks the yankees have acquired 3 all-star players and spent nearly half a billion dollars doing so. the question is, can you buy a world series? the devil rays proved you don't have to spend an obscene amount of money in order to go the distance. who is this teixeira guy anyway, other than having a hard to pronounce name? the good news for sox nation is now there's no hope of manny ramirez joining the yankees. manny, now without a team, will have to settle for a contract on some losing team where he won't make as much money if he just stayed with the red sox.