i now have a date as to when my riding season will finally come to an end: it's this friday. i groaned as i watched the weather forecast from bed for this weekend, knowing that it will all be over soon. friday morning a snowstorm is blowing into town with a predicted accumulation of 6-10". a dusting i can handle, but 6-10" is too much snow for my motorcycle to handle. it is after all just a normal motorcycle, not a snow mobile. maybe the weather will warm up next week and melt all the snow, but this is new england and it gets cold here during the winters so that's probably not going to happen. i never did reach 10,000 miles this season. if only i didn't have my accident.

client B finally got in touch with me today, we're very close to finishing this project from hell. the sole bug they had for me was an easy fix and i felt relieved when i uploaded another revised version. unfortunately it still bugged out, but at this point the culprit may be hardware or perhaps a plugin issue, it doesn't seem to be related to the code.

i finally finished bioshock today, sad to see it end. the finale boss wasn't that hard to defeat (although i was playing at easy level). i don't know if the game lends itself to repeated play now that i know how the story unfolds.

my mother dropped by briefly while waiting for my aunt who was at the laundromat. she brought some curry chicken with rice which i had later for dinner. she told me hailey chewed up a corner of the wooden dresser today.

just when i was beginning to think the house didn't smell that bad, my roommate stinks up the place with another messy chinese stirfry dinner, choking my place with the thick stench of cooking oil. it's obscene the amount of oil he uses. i saw him do it once, he uses about half a cup every time, ends up with a thick soup of sludge that will all go down the drain and clog up my plumbing over time. just 36 more days before he moves out, 5 more weekends.