this was the dream i had last night:

i was working in a chinese restaurant, and all the waiters were former programmers from SRM. dan left first, selected to deliver the cache of donated christmas presents to some charity organization. when he left, everybody else started heading out to lunch, leaving me alone in the restaurant. customers started showing up, so i had to wait tables, which i've never done before, but i figured how hard could it be? despite the fact that i knew nothing about what's on the menu. but more people started showing up, and i started to get a little freaked out. i went into the kitchen to check if we even had a cook and an old chinese guy whom i vaguely recognized was slaving away over the stove tops. some people i knew came in and got a table. i sat with them for a little while. a girl who looked awfully familiar (maybe we went to high school together) asked me how i felt about obama being president. i was at a lost for words. then i woke up a little bit, and could go back to my dream if i wanted to, but i decided to "dream" of something else, much to my relief.

today's weather was just like yesterday - meaning it rained throughout the day - except it was 30 degrees colder. i programmed a bit before spending the rest of the day playing bioshock, which i finally installed. thank god the weekend is coming up because i don't know how much work i would've done now that i have a major bioshock addiction. although the game is a first-person-shooter, much of it is still about exploration, set in this retro-futuristic art deco underwater city, where citizens have been genetically modifying themselves. i've been playing it on my macbook pro, which can be difficult because it's missing the crucial right mouse button (i can always attach an USB mouse though). i tried to hook it up to the LCD monitor for that big screen experience but i don't think windows XP likes that very much.

my favorite thing to do in bioshock is use my power of telekinesis and throw things around. a simple hat can become a deadly projectile weapon when launched like a bullet. too bad i can't pick up enemies and throw them around too.

my father came over in the afternoon to show me the printed egyptian photos that just arrived in mail (that was fast, they ordered them monday night and they got here today). my mother picked all the photos that had her in them so what little there was of egypt could only be seen in the background. they went with snapfish because winkflash printed all my photos really dark the last time i used them. the photos themselves are cheap (4x6 anyway); the basic shipping was more expensive than the price of the prints. later i went with him next door to star market to pick up some groceries. as soon as i got back home, my mother called me, said star market just called her, apparently my father left his wallet on the counter. i ran across the street to retrieve it.