stuck at home because of the rain, i did some work for the first half of the day before finally deciding to make another attempt at replacing my laptop hard drive. i started at 4pm and didn't finish until 1am. the actual replacement didn't take too long, i've already done it twice before so by now i'm pretty good at it. restoring from a time machine backup took about an hour and a half. reading up on boot camp, i realized i couldn't install the windows XP pro SP3 system that i had, but had to downgrade to SP2 first, which i didn't have. i ended up downloading it twice from the internet, the first image was in some weird format i couldn't figure out, the second image was better but that took an hour to grab and then i had to burn it onto a cd. i also ended up installing a normal copy of XP SP2 just so it'd reformat the hard drive to fat32, despite the fact that i didn't have a product key for that particular version. 9 hours later, i'm happy to say that i'm back to normal, now with plenty more storage space.

i was compelled to do all of this because the copy of bioshock i ordered arrived in the mail, and i wanted to move to a bigger hard drive so i could have more storage space on my PC partition (i was still limited to just 32GB because i didn't want to use NTFS and not be able to copy files onto the partition from the mac side). i still haven't installed the game yet, i'll probably do that tonight.

it was warm today with temperature in the 60's, one of those days where i never had to turn up the heat. nevertheless, i stayed in my bedroom during the day (i think the temperature in my room was 71°F), but just in a t-shirt and underwear (that's right, one of the perks of working from home).