i went down to jamaica plain to visit eliza today. she had a few hours to spare while her boyfriend was taking care of baby theo for the day. her cozy condo seemed the same since i last visited, except with more baby toys and two strollers parked in the foyer. we thought about taking a stroll through the nearby arboretum but it felt too cold to be outside for so long with the winds picking up and the sun trying in vain to peek out behind clouds. instead we turned around and went to downtown jamaica plain to look for a place to get some hot beverages.

we decided upon city feed & supply (in the space formerly held by videosmith), a neighborhood grocery store slash cafe. the place seemed like a miniature version of whole foods, except business was booming and there was a more diverse mix of people. we grabbed a pair of seats facing out into the street before getting our order. i went with a chai latte, adequate yet forgettable. eliza filled me in about the details of her move to france early next year and the crazy busy summer she just had. we also discussed politics, about the recent campaign and the obama victory. the sun was too strong by the window so we moved to a regular table when it became available. a family of children stood next to us waiting for seats, so we finally decided to leave.

we stopped by boomerang on our way back (the neighborhood thrift store), my first time but a frequent haunt for eliza. maybe it was me, but the place smelled faintly of urine. i saw the most amazing windbreaker jacket, all magenta and green and pink, something straight out of the 80's. i'm of that disposition to buy it just because it's so ugly awesome. we bumped into stephen, whom i first met one winter at jerica's place over moroccan food (i almost didn't recognize him with his crazy beard). eliza bought a mug she believed to be an expensive antique. leaving boomerang, eliza told me about the supposed emerson college cabal that apparently works at the store.

i left sometime after 1:30. riding down the jamaicaway i was buffeted by waves of oak leaves. imagine taking a sheet of paper and hitting yourself in the face with it edgewise one thousand times and you can get an idea of what that feels like. besides the gauntlet of deadly foliage, i was also extra careful not to skid on the leaves.

the battery charger that arrived yesterday was the la crosse BC-900, one of the most advanced charger money can buy. i was fiddling with it last night but finally got a better sense of how to use the thing today. each channel can have a different charging current and can tell you the accumulated charge capacity. what it can't do is tell you the overall charge capacity, unless you drain the battery down to zero and let it charge to full. i'm not sure if any charger can do that. there's still a few features i've yet to explore. i only got this charger because my former charger - the T60008 ultra fast smart charger - decided to die a few weeks shy of its one year anniversary.

i went to belmont in the afternoon. no one was home except hailey. i let her outside into the backyard and spent some time picking up dog poo from the lawn. she only goes to the bathroom out there, she won't go if she goes out for a walk around the neighborhood.

later back inside i used a pair of my sister's pliers and pried open the A23 batteries i bought a few days ago. sure enough, each battery contained 8 smaller LR44 button cell batteries. i now have 16 tiny batteries i don't know what to do with.

my parents are going to egypt in a few days so i let my father borrow my canon. it's going to be weird without the dSLR but i still have my nikon coolpix 4500. i'm just praying nothing photoworthy happens for the next 2 weeks. thanksgiving is happening next week but since my parents won't be here, turkey day will be postponed until they come back. this isn't the first time they've bailed on thanksgiving (it happened one other time back in 2005 - but at least we still had a mini-celebration).

after dinner i came back home. it was 44°F but it wasn't too bad with all my layers. i better get used to it because it's going to be about the same temperature tomorrow when i ride down to norwood for my meeting.